Friday, February 27, 2009


The celaka is UMNO Youth. UMNO Youth and UMNO are experts in their twists and turns in blinding the truth and spreading malicious lies to the rakyat. I had never seen such a well oiled orchestrated propoganda machine such as UMNO that 'tabur' lies after lies utilizing their controlled media like Utusan Melayu and TV3.

Umno Youth exco member Reezal Merican Naina Merican statement likening Karpal's recent celaka statement as hurting the Malays as Umno Youth is representing the Malays is the most obnoxious joke. First of all, I suggest Reezal to stop syok sendiri. Thats a very dangerous syndrom for a self inflated person like him.

And Mukhriz can take his kenyataan akhbar and wipe his ass with it. I know I would have done so if I run out of the double ply toilet paper. Mukhriz and his Dad should shut the hell up because Mukhriz needs to remember that UMNO under Mahateh was the one that robbed the Sultan's power back in 1993. Dont ever forget your history Mukhriz. Karpal was just echoing from history and legal perspective and it was never his intention to hina the Sultan.

Plus, UMNO is sensationalizing the usage of the word "derhaka", for God's sake, please go and read up the Hikayat Hang Tuah on the usage of the word 'derhaka'. Its either you're ignorant not to know it or UMNO is plain irresponsible to fan the people's sentiment.

Frankly I am sick and tired and amused with UMNO strong arm tactics intimidating Karpal in Parliment lobby. I spit on UMNO Youth cowardly act. They think they are jantan, they have never seen the jantan in me yet.

Singh is King......Singh is King..........Singh is King...........UMNO Youth is...................NOTHING.


This incident happened one morning when I was waiting in line for the bus to come. Just like everyone else, we all waited in line but here is a story of a lady who defies conventional norm in society.
As the bus approaches, we all made our way slowly to get into the bus. Bus #8 has alot of people always but one thing I like about this bus is the frequency. You never need to wait for more than 5 minutes during rush hour in the morning.Anyway those that needs to get into the bus usually will form another line by the side and make their way into the bus only after the official queqe decided to call it quits.

Alas, as I was walking, all of a sudden a lady just barged in front of me and overtook me. I was totally PISSED. So I tap on her shoulder and overtook her. I spoke in English. Can you please queqe up like everyone else? She just gave me a blank stare. So I decided to translate that in Mandarin. She just gave me another blank stare and show some hand sign waving a NO at me.

Seeing that she looks dumb and retarded, I let the incident slide. But then again, she still didnt queqe and board the bus without waiting for her turn. I didnt managed to get a picture of her then, until I saw her again in the same bus heading back to Toa Payoh Interchange.

Here she is, a useless crap in Singapore today.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Bag

On Fri night, while we are having our dinner at the food court near our home, I noticed that there was paper bag unattended for a very long time.

I actually wanted to take the bag and pass it on to the nearest police station. But then again, if you take it, people might mistakenly think you're a thief and up to no good. That was the dillemma I was in.

Anyway before I got the courage to grab the bag, here comes this stranger came sitting. He was reading his papers. So I decided to stall some time by grabbing a cup of coffee. So I slowly slurped away my coffee while waiting. Decided that I couldnt wait no more, we decided to leave. And to my suprise the guy left just after us as well. So I made a quick dash back to the table and grab the bag. One uncle in front of me was suprised that I grabbed the bag right under his nose as he was occupying the table. Dont bother me and just enjoy your bottle of Carlsberg, uncle.

We asked one of the stall owners if there is an office where we can leave the bag with. So we made our way to the office and pass it to the administration guy mending the food court.

I was curious whats in the bag. So I took a peek. What a bore. Only a pink jacket, a pouch of tissues, and some notes probably belonging to a primary school student. I didnt find any money, MP3 player and NO, there was no tampons in it as well.....what a boring find if you ask me.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MRT Antics III

It was a very crowded day in the train with many standing passengers in rush hour.

But this old guy is so so deep in his sleep that he didnt even realised that his newspaper is occupying a seat.

But to be fair to this old man, he is a genuine sleeper.......ZZZZZZZ

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I wanted to blog about Coldplay since last year to be honest. However some how I didnt bring myself to write something about Chris and his band. Then I wanted to blog about how they will win the Grammys in Grammy Awards of 2009. Again I missed that opportunity. Again when Coldplay bagged 3 Grammys, yet again I didnt mention anything about them in my blog.

So when I was made to confront Coldplay for their upcoming gig this 23rd Mar, Viva La Vida Tour, I knew I had to write something about them. First of all, I must say that the tickets are expensive. I really pondered whether should I be spending $251 for each tix. 2 tickets will set me back about more than $500. This I must admit is the most expensive tickets I ever bought. But in my mind, Coldplay joins the ranks of A class acts that I am willing to pay for as long as I can still afford it. If Green Day or U2 will make it here, I dont mind paying to catch them live as well. Again, as long as if I can still afford it.

Well, 4 hours into the ticket sale, alot of tickets are snapped up. Today when I went into Sistic again, all the tickets were soldout. Well who can say Coldplay is crap? Viva la Vida is one of the most brilliant albums to me.

I first caught Coldplay live when they had a joint gig with Travis few years back. Though I missed their concert when they were here in 2006. Back then, they only had one album, Parachute and 1 hit single that stucks like a leech in your mind, Yellow.

Its such an honour to have the guys back here again for a 3rd time. And for another soldout gig, this is just a testament of their following in this part of the world. The reds means all of the tickets are SOLDOUT.


Friday, February 20, 2009

The Translator

I must confessed that before reading this book, I know nuts about the conflict in Darfur or Sudan as a whole. Although I had often heard the word Khartoum government, it didnt make any impact as it was just another word for a war torn country. Sudan is just another Rwanda to me. I was dead wrong.

After reading The Translator, memoirs of Daoud Hari, a Zaghawa tribesman, my perception of the whole conflict took a 360 degrees turn for me. Little did I know that the conflict in Darfur was a concentrated effort by the government controlled by the minority Arabs to wipe out the non Arabs Africans. Little did I know that, the government sponsored the Arabs with weapons to wipe out the Africans although both are mainly Muslims. Little did I know as well that Chad and Sudan used to be one in Darfur until the colonial powers carved a border to split the 2 countries. The France took control of Chad and the British took control of Sudan in which the British later left the country in 1956.

The harrowing experience by Daoud Hari and especially the journalists that travelled deep into the heart of the conflict really have my admiration. Next time when I picked up a book or a magazine or a newspaper, I will have a much deeper respect for them. How they risk their lives on the line for that piece of story. Story that will go on print to the masses throughout the world.

If you ask me, this book is a good choice to be made into a motion picture. Now who is going to star and direct this movie in Hollywood, any takers? Plus the name The Translator is kinda hip and certainly can give Jason Statham movie, The Transporter a run for its money on the title.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kemelut Politik Perak II

Kemelut politik di Malaysia semakin parah dan tenat. Tidak cukup dengan serangan bertubi tubi keatas kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di Perak, terdapat ura ura usaha untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan negeri Kedah dengan pilihanraya kecil yang akan diadakan untuk DUN Bkt Selambau. Sekarang satu lagi skandal yang bergolak melibatkan saudari Elizabeth Wong. Bila semua ini akan berakhir? Walaupun tidak ada sebarang bukti yg dapat mengaitkan BN dalam semua masalah ini, tetapi hakikatnya semua ini merupakan kebetulan yang sungguh tepat dan teratur.

Pakatan Rakyat dilanyakkan satu demi satu. Malah kelibat kelibat opportunis seperti Khir Toyo mula mengipas dan mengapi apikan sentimen rakyat dengan kenyataan kenyataan yg bodoh dan tak masuk akal dalam pengamatan saya. Pokoknya apakah rakyat akan termakan bisa dan racun yang ditaburkan? Mungkin segilintir akan diracuni tetapi mustahil majoriti rakyat akan tertipu dengan dakyah dakyah songsang ini.

BN ini memang mudah lupa dan alpa, tidak serik dengan kekalahan pilihanraya umum 8 Mac lalu, BN telah merampas kerajaan Perak dengan mendabik dada dan menonggak dagu tinggi megah dengan pencapaian ini. Sebenarnya, marah juga apabila BN mencuri kuasa seumpama ini. Tetapi setelah lama berfikir, berbaloi juga usaha BN ini. Usaha kotor ini hanya akan membakar semangat rakyat keseluruhnnya. Terima kasih BN kerana memberi gerenti bahawa BN sememangnya "the dirtiest player on Earth" dan sejarah tidak akan lupa insiden ini.

Ada member yang tanya, apakah pendapat saudara dengan politik negeri Perak ini. Saudara hanya menjawab, semasa membelek belek gambar gambar diambil pada malam MB Nizar di kediaman rasminya, saudara tak nampak pun satu bayang kaum Cina. Kaum India pun tak nampak. Malah kaum Melayu pun hilang entah kemana. Yang saudara nampak adalah segorombolan rakyat Malaysia disitu! Only Malaysians! Itulah muafakat dan persepakatan yang ada pada malam itu. Itulah sillaturahim yang BN tidak ingin lihat melalui dasar pecah dan perintah mereka. Dan saudara hampir terlupa, MB Nizar ni dari parti PAS.

Dalam fikiran saudara, MB Nizar adalah wira for all Malaysians….hakikat itu adalah hakikat yang sebenarnya.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Jap Food in Orchard

I used to have a good feel whenever I visit this small estabishment located just below Cuppage Plaza. In fact, it gives me an ura of feeling that I am slurping and munching away in a stall in Japan.

It has been about a year since I last visited this stall. As usual, whenever I dine here, it would be Chasyhu Ramen and fried rice for me.

The fried rice is still as good as I remembered it to be. Apart from the fragrant wok smell, the rice is not too dry or wet. The tiny bits of pork thrown into the rice just adds the zest of the food.

But boy oh boy, I was so so let down with the chasyhu ramen. The chasyhu was so thick and fatty that I could have cut the chasyhu myself at home. It used to be very thin slices. Its so thin that you can look through it. The soup is not too great either. Its a little too salty to my liking. I am not sure whether its really just my luck that the standard has dropped to this all time low? But I am willing to give this stall another visit in the near future for old time sakes.

P/S: The serve free ice cold water. So help yourself when you're there.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kemelut Politik Perak I

When asked whether Zambry feels he has the support of the majority of Perakians, he replied "God willing, when you prove to the people your worth".

Ini cakap orang bodoh dan bengang. Pertama sekali, Zambry kena ingat, dia menjadi Menteri Besar secara haram. Rakyat tidak memberi mandat kepadanya ataupun BN untuk menerajui kerajaan Perak. Kalau nak cakap pasal derhaka, Zambry ini sememangnya seorang penderhaka juga. Dulu bukan main sokong DSAI, apabila keluar daripada ISA, ekor Zambry terus menusuk masuk lubang dubur BN.

Dia dan konco konconya telah membentuk kerajaan yang tidak mendapat pengiktirafan rakyat Perak dan juga seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Zambry ini memang contoh terbaik politik murahan yang tidak kenal erti malu.

When asked by reporters if he thought he has the support of a majority of the public in Perak, he replied; "That is why we are here".

Jangan nak mengarut Zambry, saya tengok muka menyampah hang, rasa nak bagi hang sebiji buku lima. Tetapi rakyat Perak akan bersabar. Pilihanraya kecil ini, kita akan pangkah mana mana wakil daripada Pakatan Rakyat, kita akan jadikan pilihanraya ini referendum sama ada rakyat Perak inginkan BN ataupun Pakatan Rakyat.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Curry Delights

Here is a place where one can get a superb view of the Marina landscape and also dine at food court price. Marina Square Food Loft is certainly the place to go to if you want to have a nice meal of curry chicken.

This stall was featured as well in Lost and Found, apparently this stall originated from Hong Lim Square which coincidently is the home of another famous curry chicken noodle stall.

The name of this stall though is Curry Delights. What do I think about their curry chicken noodle. The verdict is, I like it. But the downside of it is that they should reduce the amount of salt. I find it abit salty, they could do it with less salt though.Its not that spicy, but it slowly builds up on you.

The funny thing about this stall is the preparation. I remember blogging before about how the Hong Lim stall prepares the curry chicken noodle. 2 pours into the bowl and soaked it, then remove it and proceed to fill it up with one big scoop and the finale, grab some oil on the surface to lace it on top of the gravy. This guy does it the same way. I am not sure whether is this like a standard way of how one should be serving their curry chicken noodle or this guy is a copycat, or he is an ex employee of Hong Lim stall. Strange................


Monday, February 9, 2009

Malaysian Food

If you happen to be in Orchard, and you are in dire need to satisfy your crave for Malaysian food, look no further. There is this stall that I find pretty interesting located just on the ground floor of Cuppage Plaza.

They served nice curry chicken noodles, curry chicken with rice or bread, dry curry chicken noodles, Penang Asam Laksa and so on. They called it Ipoh Curry Chicken. I really have no idea if Ipoh Curry Chicken tastes any different from lets say Penang Curry Chicken or KL Curry Chicken.

I ordered the Ipoh Curry Chicken with bread. I must say that, it has been a pleasant experience to swallow down my throat considering the fact I am down with a flu and bad cough. If the taste of this curry is enough to convince me its good despite 2 of my senses are not working in perfect order, this curry has 2 thumbs up from me. Although a bit watery, I suspect it could be due to the fact, the dish is catered more towards the curry chicken noodles.

The Asam Laksa is also nice. A very nice departure from those fake knock offs you get at some stalls. Although the laksa in Penang is still the best, but nevertheless I believe this laksa does some justice. Although I sincerely believe its lacking in the "heh koh" (shrimp paste) and also fish smell. More of it would be perfect.

And for $4 for 1 meal, I think pricing wise, its okay considering the fact you're down at Orchard Road.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Berak Nasional in Perak

I wanted to write about food. But I decided not to because I want to put my "foot" in and give a sepak terajang to those who had mastermind the downfall of the Pakatan state government in Perak.

The events that unfolded certainly is an eye opener as to how dirty BN can be. Remember the smilling faces of Najib and Zahid Hamidi on tv? Keep that picture in your mind because you would want to use the People Power to oust them out in the next elections.

How can it be possible for a government that won with a majority of 43,095 votes more than BN is not the government in Perak? How can it be a Menteri Besar and his excos all are forced to resign without going through the legality and proper protocols in State Assembly. As for Dato Ambeega that says it can happen, bullocks!

How can Tuanku be so sure that the 3 independent assemblymen are still valid assemblymen when there is still a court hearing coming on legality of the resignation letters received by the Speaker of the House. It could be they will be asked to resign resulting in a stalemate of 28-28.

Remember folks in the last election, BN state seats were won with razor thin margin. 10 seats were won with under 1000 votes margin, and 7 seats were won under 2000 votes margin. BN simply do not command the mandate of the people of Perak.

Its a sham of the highest order that's been orchestrated by the most evil people ever born and live in this lifetime. I would like to end this with an excerpt of what MB Nizar said on 05-Feb night,

"Kita akan mempertahankan institusi Menteri Besar, kita akan teruskan perjuangan kita walaupun biadap nya Umno, walaupun kurang ajar nya Barisan Nasional, mereka merampas kerajaan kita pada hari ini, kita tetap akan berjuang dan kita berikan semangat tiupan ini kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia"

"Untuk itu Najib Tun Razak mahu membuktikan bahawa negeri Perak yang melonjakkan nama dia merampas kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat, maka disini lah Najib Tun Razak akan terkubur di gading Perak Darul Ridzuan"


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fish and Co

Whenever I hear the mention of Fish and Co, only this dish comes to mind for me. It used to be their seafood platter, but I am not really a fan of having a bit of everything in one big plate. So I had changed my mind since.

Swordfish Collar to me is certainly value for money. And how its so crisp and deep fried to perfection. Plus swordfish size is really gigantic. You gotta try it to believe it.

Kim had salmon that day. To my suprise, it goes well as well with the yellow rice that comes along with it. The fish is soft, and the buttery taste of the skin just melts in your mouth.
As always, we walked out of Fish and Co with a big smile on our faces.
P/S: This was actually our 2nd attempt that week to eat Swordfish Collar. We initially wanted to have a go at it on mid week in Ang Mo Kio, but after about 10 minutes waiting to be served, we were told that they were out of swordfish collar and it was still not 7pm yet. So on Fri, we decided to dine at IMM instead.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Green Grass

I saw this funny sight when I was back in my hometown.

This car certainly got it all wrong when we say we should "Go Green" to save Mother Nature. But the owner of this vehicle is certainly a grass lover.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Daun Kaduk II

I was delighted when my friends sent me sms asking me whether it was me whose question in regards to daun kaduk came out in The Sunday Times dated 25-Jan-2009.

I was already back in my hometown then for the Lunar new Year holidays. Anyway I am glad that my question was published and managed to win myself a 10 piece Corningware set. This will certainly come in handy in the kitchen and furthermore, I know where to get my supply of daun kaduk now. The same said question can be found in So Shiok.Com as well from the link below.
Thanks to those who took the liberty to inform me on this.