Tuesday, September 30, 2008


One of the better moments in Bali frankly was going back to my hotel room and just watch the idiot box with Bintang beer on my right hand and some peanuts on my right hand. Thats a fact.

I must say Grand Istana Rama at Kuta was overall acceptable to me. Its like a resort style place unlike staying in hotels like maybe Hard Rock Hotel. And the cost of staying for 1 night in Hard Rock Hotel is equivalent to my 3 night stays in Grand Istana Rama.

With a balcony and a bench outside, one can just sit at the balcony, drink my beer. And just relax. I am not sure why but Bintang beer is wickedly nice. It might be that I am always thirsty in Bali due to the super duper hot weather.

And if you see this baby on the door, dont be an idiot like me looking for a bottle opener high and low. This thing here cracks open the bottle caps for you. Its been a long long time since I have seen one of this.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bah Lee

Bali to me has been one of the most overrated place in my opinion. The Kuta beach itself is full of foreigners that you probably dont realise that one is standing on Indonesian soil.

Well if anyone were to ask me, would I want to go Bali again. The answer is No. Reason being, there is not much to look forward to in Bali. First of all its boring. Second, the place I been to simply just doesnt shout out. And thirdly I lost my Ipod player. My credit goes to the thief who stole it right under my nose. And I hope as well he or she rots in hell soon.

Anyway here are some photos from Bali in no particular order.

Me and Kim at Tanah Lot. The most cool place among all the uncoolest places in Bali

Our hotel is just right the the beach front. Kuta Beach. A hangout for surfers. The sun is setting.

Yes, Lingam was speaking to me in Bali

After one of his monkey friends took the bottle from a tourist's backpack, this monkey proceed to mock us by opening the bottle cap and by pouring water on the ground. Don't let me see you on Malaysia streets man!!


Friday, September 26, 2008


When my sister called me in Bali to tell me that Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) is to be sent to Kamunting Detention Center, my heart sank 6 feet down under. Soon after, I began to receive sms'es as well on his ISA incarceration from my friends. I had always felt that the ISA would be used against RPK. But no one can ever prepare for this kind eventuality. Never.

If there is a last bastion of truth and justice in Malaysia, that honour should go to RPK. He is not affliated to any political parties. His love and hate relationship with Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) can be tracked all the way back when he was in ABIM, all the way into UMNO and then championing his release through the now defunct Suara Reformasi.

RPK ability to hunt for news can put any reporters from any daily to shame. Malaysia Today is a piece of icon that will live on forever. And one day, when I have kids of my own, I will tell them about Malaysia's own freedom fighter, RPK. A hero in his own rights, unrepentant and stares straight at evil and all thats corrupt with both feet firmly on the ground.

During the height of Reformasi movement, that was the first time I heard of the name of RPK. But then, I didnt know him well enough. I thought he was just another blind supporter of DSAI. But I was wrong, RPK is not like that. He is a man with his own principles. I cant see him joining any political parties, because he is such a firebrand, that having affliation with any political parties will only clip his wings.

RPK said to Marina Lee his wife, asking her to relay the message to the people not to forget him. I have one thing to say to you, RPK. You will not be forgotten. We will fight on for your release. Your ideals will stay on with me and millions more out there.

You will not be missed, but you will be remembered. We will not say goodbye to you, because we know you will be back. The masses are waiting for you, Son Of Malaysia, RPK.


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Almost a week hiatus from writing. It's great to be back. Was in Bali for holidays. The next few postings I will be making will be on my trip in Bali.

But thought I start of with this observation I made when I was in the Botanical Gardens in Bali. Noticed that they had the Astro satellite dish hooked up into their office. So whats up with that? Astro had expanded their wings into Indonesia? The closest Astro is getting into Indonesia is their joint venture effort with Lippo Group under James Riady.

Something smells fishy here. An Astro satellite dish in Bali. I rest my case.....but its great to see Astro in Bali anyway.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


To those who had been following the intense battle for supremacy in Malaysia, the turn of events has been nothing short of pure adrenalin rush. But as the final curtains draw to a close, both BN and Pakatan Rakyat will finally reach an impasse.

The battle is just like a poker game. Pak Lah has so far "show hand". He has unveiled his final card. His statement yesterday putting Anwar as a threat to Malaysia's security and economy and whatever his actions next would be in the best interest of the people and Malaysia, are very big hints of whats to come if the game drags on longer. And no meeting with Anwar. So the door has been shut to Anwar for whatever negotiations he wants to leverage on in the first place.

For Anwar to win this, he must produce nothing short of a Royal Flush. So far he has only bagged 2 cards in his pocket. The 10s card represents the people of Malaysia. The outpouring support in the last 08-Mar General Election and the recent win in Permatang Pauh are testament of the support by the people.

The Jack card, which represents the Pakatan Rakyat coalition are also in the bag. Being the newly appointed Opposition Leader, and PKR having the majority of the Parlimentary seats in the coalition, its only logical that Anwar is the Prime Minister in waiting. His position is minted in Pakatan whether PAS agrees or not.

However 3 cards are still in doubts. The Queen card which represents the defecting BN MPs and His Majesty, the King. Does Anwar have the support he claimed from the BN MPs? Excess of 30 BN MPs? The recent pullout by SAPP has made Pakatan's job easier as mathematically, they now only need excess of 29 MPs. And in order for Anwar to realise his dream, he would need to get His Majesty's consent to form the government. As Tian Chua, PKR Information Chief had pointed out, seeking an audience with His Majesty is not ruled out.

And last but not least, Anwar needs to have an Ace card. Whats an Ace card? Well, its a secret that only Anwar and his close confidants know. To pull this off, Anwar should have an Ace. This will be the ultimate card that completes it all.

Its an uphill task for Pakatan to win this. So far, Anwar only has 2 out of 5 cards. To win this, he should produce nothing short of a Royal Flush. Anything less than that, its game over for him.

As the end draws near, its winner wins all, and loser......well.......its anyone's guess.....


Monday, September 15, 2008


I read the 18 hour ordeal of Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hooi Cheng narrated by none other than herself. I find my throat clogged with emotions reading what she was forced to gone through.

Imagine me and you in the same situation. Its definately a death terrifying hell ride. Again, I spit on this draconian ISA law which has no value and place in a civil society like Malaysia. Enacted in 1960, this piece of law is not of any use anymore. Even our British founders has long since terminated the act in Britain itself.

Hooi Cheng's bravery for standing up for what she wrote is indeed courageous. Never back down from the truth.

Syed Hamid's reasoning of protecting Tan Hooi Cheng defy conventional wisdom and logic. If the police are truly serious in protecting her, well serving her with ISA is indeed the first in the country. Bravo, for making it into the records books. I feel insulted that our intelligence has been tested at such a low threshold. Mohammad Nor Yaakop statement on ISA in the long run will boost investor's confidence is another spectacular mind boggling statement I am still trying to comprehend.

Now we call upon the authorities to release Teresa and RPK and bring them to courts for a trial if indeed there is sufficient proof.

To those who are still lingering in Kamunting Center, your plights and sorrows are not forgotten.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Save RPK

Heroes (Season I)
Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

Bolehland (Season 51)
Save RPK, Save Malaysia

If RPK was an action figure, he deserves to stand there among some of my mighty heroes in my office, alongside Superman, Son Goku, Full Metal Alchemist brothers, Iron Maiden (well not exactly a hero).

RPK is true defiant hero.



Singapore introduces ‘unfriendly’ restrictions


JOHOR BARU: Singapore has imposed a new ruling which has been described as “unfriendly” — including introducing restrictions against Ma­laysian VIPs and High Commission staff ve­hicles entering or leaving the island republic.

Members of the Johor royalty, Malaysian VIPs and High Commission staff were previously allowed “easy access” where they could use the bus lane at the causeway or the Second Link to avoid getting caught in the massive traffic snarl. They can no longer enjoy the privilege.

Since the ruling was enforced recently, at least two “incidents” have occurred including a vehicle carrying the Tengku Bendahara of Johor being stopped and having clearance problems.
Comments: I dont see any problems if like all Malaysians, one brings his/her passport and fill in the embarkation/disembarkation card like everyone else. Is this something hard to do?

The latest case occurred last week when Malaysian High Commissioner Datuk N. Parameswaran, who was in his official car bearing the Malaysian flag was also stopped and told to turn back at the Second Link.
Comments: Maybe this is something new to some Malaysians. In Singapore, rules are to be followed and no exceptions.

It is learnt that Singapore had enforced the new ruling over the last two weeks as part of its effort to tighten security following the escape of terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari on Feb 27.
Malaysians at the causeway are already forced to endure long jams, which can stretch to several hours since the escape.

They have to have their thumbprints taken and cars searched at the Causeway and Second Link.
Wisma Putra sources said the recent ruling would “ruffle some feathers” as Malaysia has been “very accommodating” to requests made by Singapore in the past.
Comments: Then payback time lah. Do the same thing to Singapore VIPs. Stop being a cry baby. Complaint complaint complaint

It is learnt that Singapore issued the guideline via the Malaysian High Commission two weeks ago. The easy access is only provided to “certain people” including the Johor Sultan, Tengku Mohkota and Malaysian ministers. It is learnt that Singapore also sent a letter to the Johor palace informing them about the new clearance procedures.

Parameswaran confirmed there were two “unpleasant cases” involving the Tengku Bendahara of Johor and also himself. “I was on my way to Nusajaya in my official car bearing the Malaysian flag to attend an official buka puasa event in Nusajaya at 6pm on Saturday when I was pulled over for 20 minutes.Parameswaran said Singaporean officials then told him to turn back and wait in queue. “This is the first time in five and a half years that such a thing has happened,” he said, adding that describing the incident as embarrassing and “disrespectful” of the Malaysian flag.
Comments: You feel they are disrespectful to you or to the Malaysian flag? Tepuk dada tanya selera. Parameswaran is a disgrace to Malaysia. You're a in a foreign land, so be respectful to your host. Its not like you're standing on the grounds of Malaysia High Commision where you have your own jurisdiction. You're travelling on Singapore soil now, mind you. Other ordinary Malaysians also need to bear the brunt of the long queqe. So just set off slightly early next time to avoid this slight delay. I dont see why you're whinning about this? Are you so superior that you deserve special treatment versus the rest of us out here? Who are you? You're just another public civil servant thats only function is to serve the rakyat.

Parameswaran said the High Commission vehicles were given clearance to use the bus lanes to avoid the traffic congestion as they had to commute to Johor regularly for official purposes.
Asked if there were any other reason for the sudden move, he said that Singapore had informed him that there were supposedly some abuses in the past. “I have dealt with those who abused the system. So why impose something when discussions have not been not finalised?” he asked.
Comments: Now we know, someone here in Malaysia had abused the system in the past. So Mr Parasmeswaran, there you have it. The cat is out of the bag. Someone abused the system before. It all goes back to what I said earlier. If you dont show respect to your host, dont expect the same treatment back. Get on with life and just queqe like everyone else.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Hope Is Gone

I came to know from HMV that their load of shipment of the special edition of Slipknot's latest album All Hope Is Gone wont be making its way into our shores. I must take my hats of to HMV. When you give them a call, the staffs there do know their stuffs. I once called them up on Oasis Lord Dont Slow Me Down dvd. They know what I am talking about. They know why the DVD is late for release then. Try calling the other music stores in Singapore. They know nuts. You probably get half baked answers.

But I am not letting my hands off Slipknot, since they rank way up there on the top as one of my all time favourite bands, and we rocked and bonded when they were here in Fort Canning Park.

Yesterday finally I got my hands on their latest album, after weeks of waiting. Listened to the album at full blast while working my way through my mundane job this morning. Verdict, better than their previous releases but still nowhere near Iowa. If the song titles are of any indications of how this album feels like, Sulfur, Butcher's Hook or Psychosocial should be a good indicator of the strength and how brutal it may be. But still it doesnt beat the shit of a song with a title like People = Shit. So brutality level is mild compared to the old Slipknot, way before they change their masks.

The special limited edition comes with a DVD and 3 bonus tracks Child Of Burning Time, Vermillion Part 2 (Bloodstone Mix) and Till We Die.

I think I will lay off Ash for a while on my IPod and shift my attention to this maggots. Over to you Slipknot, maggots of Maggotdom.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


What does movies like Pirates of The Carribean: At World's End, Batman Begins and King Kong have in common?

None unless you're from this part of the world and you're attentive enough to listen to the dialogue. These 3 movies have the mention of the country Singapore. It's kinda funny that today we have 192 members in United Nations and scriptwriters choose to use the name Singapore. In Pirates Of The Carribean, Singapore is supposedly a place where pirates hang out. Pirates paradise one might say. In Batman Begins, apparently some weapon merchandise is shipped from Singapore. Again another reference that this is a shaddy place. And in King Kong, Singapore is supposedly some paradise where actors and actresses will cross the seven seas to shoot a movie.

So anyone know of any movies that mentions Singapore? How about Malaysia? I am not sure if I heard any one mentioned Malaysia before. But I did caught the mention of the word Malaysia in the sitcom Samantha Who where Samantha's mother cited how interesting it is to be speaking to a guy that comes from Malaysia.

Again, I hope the guy is not talking about the mambo jambo happening in Malaysia today.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Siapa sebenarnya pendatang di bumi tercinta ini? Apakah persoalan ini masih penting selepas 51 tahun negara kita menyambut kemerdekaan. Apakah laungan Merdeka ini milik satu kaum sahaja di Malaysia?

Ahmad Ismail, jangan kamu sekali kali lupa, setiap insan di negara ini tanpa mengenal erti warna kulit telah berhempas pulas membanting tulang keringat masing masing untuk membangunkan negara kita ini. Jangan cuba jadi jaguhan politik murahan menggunakan isu isu sensitif untuk kepentingan diri anda sendiri.

Sememangnya saya ini bukan penyokong Dr Koh Tsu Koon, tetapi tindakan mengoyakkan gambar beliau merupakan tindakan biadap yang hanya menjatuhkan darjat dan maruah UMNO Pulau Pinang (PP) keseluruhannya. Ini cara politik benggang ala Mugabe. Tepuk dada tanya selera.

Perlakuan Umno PP dan Ahmad Ismail menggunakan pendekatan sejarah untuk menegakkan benang yang basah memang melucukan. Perbuatan mereka umpama negara Jepun tidak lama dahulu yang cuba tukar beberapa fakta tentang penglibatan Jepun dalam Perang Dunia II. Sejarah boleh dipermainkan seumpama sebuah adegan dalam wayang kulit. Tetapi rakyat tidak akan diperbodohkan dan diperlekehkan oleh tindak tanduk segelintir puak yg mempunyai niat benci dan jahat dalam diri mereka.

Jangan cuba mempermainkan sentimen kaum dengan dusta mengatakan pihak bukan Melayu mempertikaikan hak kesitimewaan orang Melayu. Tidak pernah terlintas hati mana mana pihak untuk mempertikaikan hak hak semua rakyat yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia.

Bagi saya, Ahmad dan UMNO PP ini hanya politik murahan yang cuba menggunakan isu isu lapuk ini untuk kepentingan diri mereka sendiri. Saya menyeru kepada setiap lapisan masyarakat di Malaysia supaya tidak tertipu dengan dakyah palsu mereka. Rakyat Malaysia menolak mentaliti zaman kolonial termasuk Che Det yang hanya akan membawa kehancuran kepada semua. Rakyat Malaysia sudah matang dan tidak akan tertipu lagi dengan slogan slogan murahan ini.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wall E

Wall E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifters - Earth Class and Eva stands for Extraterrestial Vegetation Evaluator. I have high expectations everytime I watch a Pixar movie. And again Pixar never disappoints. Its not about the wooo and the waaah one gets from seeing the nice colors and motions from an animation flick, but its how an animation drives the emotions into our hearts.

And Wall E is more human than any human can be. Everytime Wall E says the word Eva, with its limited dialogue, somehow the animators managed to draw out the emotions from this machine. So if you didnt feel a thing watching Wall E, then you could very well be a heartless machine and Wall E could be just the human that's missing from all of us.

John Lasetter and his crew proves yet again why Pixar is just that damn good. Wall E reminds me of a back to basics Disney cartoon where everything is black and white and when actions speaks louder than words.

Wall E to me has already emerged as the best animation in 2008. It be a tall order to beat this one.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Some of you hardcore fans of Ash might have known that come 02-Oct, Ash will be making their way down again in Asia for a full blast concert at Fort Canning Park coinciding with Singapore Beer Festival. Well no suprise to equate Ash with booze and more booze.

I had been a fan of Ash since their release of Trailer. 1977 I would say its one of my favourite albums of all time. And apart from Oasis, I wold rank Ash as one of the groups that have commendable B Sides.

I already got my tickets for the concert. As for now, my IPod is packed with Ash songs from all of their albums including live performances and a couple of notable B Sides including the B Side, Seventh Circle which is also known as Singapore Song.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Movies Again

So it was weekend at the movies again for me. Movies as in watching it at the comfort of my home. It was a wet gloomy weekend, so I thought what better way than to start of with watching Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

How far can this movie challenge the censors. I would say very far indeed. Apart from depicting Kumar's deep fascination for cannabis, and making out with his ex girlfriend in a threesome act with Mr Cannabis himself, they even went as far as showing the private parts of a male and many other female extras in the movie. They really pushed the button this time. And this movie wont be complete without Neil Patrick Harris. Sorry for the spoliers but wait towards the end of the movie when the rolling of credits are all over. Neil isnt dead after all. So look out for him in the third installment. Yes, heard that there are plans to make movie No.3. Till then, I would have given the first installment the thumbs up compared to the sequel.

Next was The Happening. The movie clocks about just under 90 minutes, if I did get my time correct. So what can I say about M Night Shyamalan's latest fixture. I would say its between Lady In The Water and Sixth Sense. Its definately a better flick compared to the last release but pale in comparison to Sixth Sense. No shocking ending plot this time. Its not like this guy is producing any shocker endings lately. However the thought of plants attacking humans in The Happening is indeed scary. And for once I didnt see M Night Shyamalan appearing in a cameo role. Watchable movie at the comfort of your home.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


On Sun, me and Kim went to Ning En's 1 year old birthday party cum house warming. its always great that our good friends in Singapore all can get together and chill out once in a while.

Sometimes little that we realised that while we all have our separate lives, its our closeness with each other that brings us back together. And come Oct, our good old friend Dominic will be walking down the aisle. Personally for myself, I had postponed my trip back home to my hometown to attend his wedding. Thankfully Singapore Airlines allows flight postponement. If not, there goes my ticket.

So we will be assembling our band of brothers again. Yes, we had experience before doing this time and time again. But it never fails to amaze me, how those band of sisters come out with new tricks each time.

Anyway back to the Sun event, I stormed over to the gathering after a good badminton game. Luckily get to shower at Chien Jin's home.

And guys, I believe there will be more gatherings to come. Lets keep the spirits alive.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lor Mee 2

Last week I had the chance to put to the test if the Lor Mee near Yew Tee MRT which is my personal favourite is the best in Singapore? Never mind the food critics from Makansutra, Green Book or any other critics out there, because I have my own standard to go by.

I blogged about Yew Tee Lor Mee before in my 31st Jan-2008 posting. So its time I brought in a formidable opponent to go head on with my personal favourite. Make no mistake, Xin Mei Xiang situated in Old Airport Road is no pushover. This stall owner was even bestowed Makansutra Legend title. Not many had the honour to wear this title.

So I had to queqe before I can munch my way into this famous Lor Mee. It comes in $3.00 or $4.00 meal. Trust me, if you're in Old Airport Road, you would want to try the smaller version of the meals, as you will be spoilt for choices.

Here goes the verdict. The gravy bears an uncanny resemblance in taste with my favourite personal Lor Mee. No joke. If I were to put myself in a blind test and just taste the gravy, I might not be able to distinguish which is which. However this Lor Mee has an additional ingredient which is shredded meat. However their fried dumpling is no match to my favourite Lor Mee. They are not even close in terms of quantity and quality. But, I must say that the noodles from Xin Mei Xiang is so much better. Rather than being lumped together, the noodles are easily separated once you start to mix it all up.

Summary, my favourite Lor Mee is still a secret hideout that only the people in Choa Chu Kang neighbourhood knows. That's good. Considering the fact, you dont have to travel all the way to Old Airport Road and queqe. I will give the extra edge to my favourite personal Lor Mee.