Saturday, September 29, 2007

An unfortunate event

At about 6pm on Sat, I was on the road heading home. I was texting my buddy as he told me on msn, he was rushing down to KL to visit his Grandma as she fell ill from diabetes. Didnt had chance to reply his msn, so I text him instead. Hope she gets well anyway.

As I finished texting and sending the message, I looked out the mirror and I saw a guy sprawled on the road in front of Hotel Windsor. Hey, I just had porridge buffet there last week. It was raining. From opposite side of the road, I could see a guy and his bicycle lay there motionless.

I am not exactly sure whether he took a tumble himself or a vehicle actually knocked him of course.
My prayers to this guy. Hope he turns out well eventually. As the bus begins to move, I begin to ponder, health and life is precious. I wouldnt hesitate even a second to deny that.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Prison Break - De Sona

Absolutely brilliant. Curiousity got the best of me when it comes to Prison Break Season 3. Decided to take a peek of Episode 1. The 2 min worth of sneek peek sums up what Prison Break is all about. Tough and gritty with an added touch of brilliance and sexiness.

The scene started of with a lady dressing herself up and brushing her hair with some smudges on her face. Could be blood. I couldnt tell. Then fast forward to Sona Penitentiary, where Michael is standing in the middle of a heavy downpour with the other prisoners cheering on. I swore one of them looked like a deformed mutant. I need to confirm this again, hahahaha. Then we see on the other end, the door opens and appears Mahone. Both of them stared at each other and.............

Thats it. I decided not to watch anymore until I get my hands on Episode 3. If you happen to surf your way through Fox official site, there is a mention of a mysterious character, Whistler. Whats up with that?

Prison Break can only get better this season. And I am sure there'll be more shocks and bumps to come. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I am not a gamer but one must be living out of this world not to know about the release of the highly anticipated Halo 3. I am just contended waiting for the movie to be released in the Box Office.

Well word on the street is that the lines are jammed especially for HKG and TWN users that bought Halo 3. With Korea on 3 days break, today the gamers are back with a revenge calling the hotline. I will not go into details on what complications users are seeing since its only hearsay. So to those who are managing the call centers handling the influx of calls pertaining Halo 3, God bless you all!!
Try Red Bull or Livita to perk you up. Meanwhile to those hardcore gamers, go easy on the staffs mending your calls from the other end. At the end of all this, all of us would just like to end our day in a nice lighthearted manner.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moved Ouch.....Out

Moving house is always a pain in the ass. Finally I have moved to a new far away hideout. Moving our barang barang was tough. Started in the morning and we only ended the moving in wee hours in the morning the next day. I bailed out around 8pm plus after moving most of the stuffs into our new house. Left my housemate alone to complete the task.

Need to catch the bus back to Malaysia that night. With a few bruises to show on my arms and legs, it was certainly a tiring affair. I also lost some barang barang as well during the move. Plus putting your stuffs outdoor is also not safe. Unseen scavengers seems to lurk around in the dark just to take your stufs. I would not want to go into details on who are those I am referring to.

We rented a pickup to do the job ourselves. With my other housemate already cleared some stuffs on the night before. If you were to ask me, I think I would not want to move again. I would leave it to the profesionals. Though I admit its gonna be pricey.

And also thanks to my pal for lending us 2 trolleys. An invention that helped us reduced a whole lot of the load.

Out the old, comes in the new. Hope the new place is a better place to stay.

Dr Koh - Useless

In relation to the road rage posting below, one of the issues that was discussed in the car with my Dad was the lousy administration of Dr Koh. Traffic is a nightmare in Penang Bridge. Everytime I want to catch a flight from mainland to Penang airport, you can be sure I feel a heightened sense of anxiety whether or not would I make it for the flight

Clearly Dr Koh is just trying to pass the buck to others with his comments below. Coincidently he brought up this issue during the same time I was cursing him like hell. There are lots of things the state govt can do to ease the traffic for the time being. Heavy vehicles should be barred from using the bridge at designated peak hours. It was done before nationwide during the Kongsi Raya few years back. Certain heavy vehicles were barred from the road.

Do a trial run and see whether it works. Rather than just trying to pass the blame to others. Think Dr Koh is not that smart for someone of his calibre carrying a Dr title. If a layman like me can come up with a same solution, then what value add is he giving to Penang?

CM: Ease jam on Penang Bridge
Regina William
BUKIT MERTAJAM (Sept 25, 2007):
Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon wants traffic dispersal on the the 32-year-old Penang Bridge improved.
"Traffic on the bridge is at maximum capacity heading to the mainland in recent years. It has further worsened with jams stretching for several kilometres in morning and evening peak hours," he said.
Koh said the bridge concessionaire, Penang Bridge Sdn Bhd (PBSB), must "buck up and stop giving excuses for the worsening traffic flow".
Koh, who was late for today's offical opening of Progenix Research Sdn Bhd at the Penang Science Park because of a traffic jam on the bridge, said: "Existing measures are inadequate."
Traffic flow on the bridge had been slowed down to a crawl the past few days because of cable rectification works carried out by Tenaga Nasional Berhad for a 200m stretch from 4.6km. Daily traffic volume on the bridge is 140,000 vehicles.
Widening works on the bridge are alsoy in progress with the construction of an additional vehicle lane and a motorcycle lane on both sides. They are expected to be completed by September next year.
"In recent months, PBSB had introduced several measures, including clearing up accidents quickly, to prevent massive jams.
"PBSB has also restricted slow moving vehicles on the bridge during peak hours.
"However, this is not enough. I have conveyed to them to further improve the procedures. They should move into the next stage since the jams are not easing," Koh said.
"They should also look into restricting heavy vehicles on the bridge during certain hours."
However, Koh said, PBSB would have to work with the industrial sector on how best to carry this out as this would mean that trailers from the island heading to the port on the mainland and those heading to the island would be affected.
Koh said the congestion should be considered when constructing the second bridge from Batu Kawan on the mainland to Batu Maung on the island.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Road Rage, a personal account

There are many things which I wanted to update my blog on. But I felt this piece of story should take precedence vs the rest.

It happened yesterday at around 10am plus at Penang Bridge. I was on my way to airport. Was talking to my Dad who was driving on what else, politics. As I was talking on how lousy Dr Koh's govt of handling Penang, I turned to my left and saw a driver in the car showing me the middle finger sign. I was stunned and suprised. What's wrong with him? At that juncture, I could feel my blood boiled to a level I have not felt for a long long time. Since the jam was pretty bad during that time, and the right lane we were taking was not as smooth as the left lane, the car managed to jumped ahead of us.

Still I was feeling really really pissed off, I hope and prayed my car can still catched up with him. My wish came true. At the turning into Coastal highway, the car bearing plate # PKF8278 was on sight. I asked my Dad to take over his car and I gave him a stare. Then this guy sped and tried to knock my car off the road. Just like in the movies. My Dad honked and we stopped by the road and he did the same. At this point, I felt an anger never felt before. I took out the stick from my car and shouted vulgarities at him. He did the same. I walked there and getting ready to hurl the stick at him, until an old man from the back of his car quickly came down of the car and held me back.My Mum also grabbed my shirt holding me back from going up front to whack this guy. So basically my Mum and his Dad pulled me back. I could feel that I was losing sense, my mind blank and all I could think of was hurting this guy.In his car, was his daughter maybe around Primary 1 or Primary 2 on the front seat and an old lady at the back seat. His Dad pleaded with me to go back into my car in which I refused. At that point my Dad was confronting him there face to face. The guy seeing this even had the audacity to say I was in the wrong carrying a stick wanting to whack him. Oh, he still has a sound mind to think that huh, I told myself. My girlfriend from inside of my car managed to pulled my stick back into the car from my hands. During that commotion, that guy's Dad was still pleading me to go back into my car. I shouted vulgarities at him still, challenging him to a fight. I asked him why you showed me the middle finger?

Guess what his answer was?

He said I used my hand to pushed up my spectacle frames. He took it as I was mocking him. I dont know what fuck this guy is? It was always been my habit to push my spectacles frame up. Anyway I dont give a fuck whatever his reason was. I shouted again at him and I attempted to go up front again to give him a beating. Again I was held back by his Dad putting both his arms on my shoulder. I told his his Dad to get him to apologize to me. He said I apologised on his behalf. I am sorry for my son's action. Then the old lady, presumably his Mum from the back of his car said please dont scare the kid. During all these, this guy still unrepentant. Still challenging me as well. Then during all that, a Chinese guy on motorcycle stopped by and asked us what happened and asked us to stop fighting. He made a remark. Why you Chinese fighting each other? Do you know that Chinese is already dying if we dont unite. That really snapped me up. Then I got my Dad to come back to the car and I told that guy, because of this politically correct statement, I am willing to let this go. Then my Dad ask the old guy, is this your son? My Dad said today my son didnt do something nasty to him, doesnt mean one day someone else wont take your son;s life away if he still carry on in this manner.

We each got back into our car and drove off. I could tell he wanted a piece of me still. And I really really wanted to beat him up to pulps too.

If my Mum and the old guy didnt pulled and held me back, I dont know what would have happened. Maybe I will be recording statement in a police station for endangering someone. Who knows? Its something I would leave it as a what if question.

My Mum told me I will be jailed if i killed or hurt someone then. During that, I really didnt care. All I thought was hurting him real bad.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Karang Guni

Tomorrow is moving house day. Last nite managed to packed some stuffs. On my way back home, stumbled upon a karang guni guy. Got him to swing by my place. Here is what I got from him

70kg of old newspaper/magazines - $7.00
1 old 15 inch Sharp tv, defect with red screen - $15.00

So all and all, got $22.00 from the exercise. Apart from disposing my old un-used rubbish, got some money from it, and also think I would have done Al Gore proud by not throwing it away just like that.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Who will be FIRST?

Being first really matters nowadays especially if you're local rivals per say. For instance in EPL, Derby matches are closely watched always, for instance Manchester United vs Manchester City.

We had a slobberknocker not too long back between Msia and Spore on who will be first to open their budget terminal? Or in soccer, matches between Msia and Spore is hotly contested always.

I predict we will see another comparison coming soon. Who will be the first to come out with a solution for number portability system for cellular phones. Change your telco but retain your number. As reported in The Star, 19-Sept-07, this will be available by the first quarter of 2008 according to Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik The said system will allow mobile phone users to retain their network provider number, even if they changed service providers.

As for Singapore,, according to IDA the True Number Portability solution, which is expected to be ready by the second quarter of 2008, will allow consumers to retain full use of their existing phone numbers, rather than having to update their contacts about a new one.

So if the above is true, Msia should pipped Spore in introducing this magnificient piece of solution as I have been dying to switch telco for better cost savings. Let's see who comes out ichiban.

Msia or Spore? Who will you place your bets on?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rude Awakening - Nan Hua Chang Seafood Restaurant

We were back from KL. Tired and hungry. After a successful mission of Grab The Bride, we thought lets eat before heading home. We had 2 choices. Either sup tulang or Chinese food. We went for Chinese food. This is when the horror begins.

The restaurant is Nan Hua Chang Seafood Restaurant at Crawford Lane. We went into the air con area of the restaurant. We looked at the menu. Wow its in Chinese. Only one of us can read it. We asked for an English menu, the waitress said they dont have English menu. I suspect this lady is the boss of this restaurant.

Later on I saw her smoking outside of the restaurant.

Anyway no English menu, so its ok. We tried getting her to recommend us then some of her shop's finer dishes. She said No. You tell me what you want, we will cook for you. At that point in time, I felt like telling her, whip me up a sirloin steak medium rare please. Trust me her tone was harsh. I mean how will I know what you have? At least let us know what u have.

So we ordered individually what we wanted to eat. So my friend, ordered fish porridge. Two of my friends in fact. When the dish came, it was only soup and fish. Hey where is the rice? No rice in the porridge?

So I asked another waitress, presumably from China. She said the rice will come separately later. Be patient. Grumbled bout something. Again in a harsh tone.

Dissatisfied, my friend went out to look for another waitress. So she came and took away the non porridge dishes and subsequently changed it. First time in my life, someone prepared porridge without rice in it. Its like ordering a hamburger without the ham in it.

I have no complaints on the quality of the food basically. But they got much to improve on their customer service. And I wont be patronising this restaurant ever again if you ask me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Thing

I have placed an order for Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Thing from KiniBooks this morning. Made a mistake in the payment method. Reordered again instantly. Just got a call from KiniBooks saying my book will be packed and shipped out soon. She was just being cautious since I made 2 duplicate orders with one of them being the wrong one I made earlier. Appreciate the overseas call to me.

Well I am hoping I be able to get my hands on it by this week since I'll be heading home this weekend to Malaysia. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Subsidy for diesel and petroleum

It was reported in The Edge today that Pak Lah is contemplating to withdraw subsidy for diesel. As a rakyat, I want to remind him that, Petronas contributed RM53.7 billion to our national coffers in taxes, royalties, dividends and export duties in 2006. Contribution from Petronas and other oil and gas companies operating in Malaysia was budgeted to make up some 46.8% of the government revenue for 2007. These are positive cash flows. If the reason is rising oil prices, then its a double edged sword isnt it? While this can actually boost Petronas revenues, its a death trap to diesel users like fisherman, farmers, cabbies...etc.
Abdullah, who is also the Finance Minister pledge prior to this was not to raise fuel prices for the rest of 2007. I hope he keeps his pledge with only less than 4 months to go before 2008 comes.
The gains of Petronas should be shared with the people of Malaysia.
Update 19-Sept-07 - The Government will honour its promise not to increase petrol prices this year, assures Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The Deputy Prime Minister said despite global oil prices hitting a new high of US$80 (RM280) per barrel last week, the Government would not review domestic petrol prices.
"But that is for the price of petrol. (Prices of) gas, it is another issue,” said Najib

14-09-2007: Govt mulls removing diesel subsidy as oil hits record high

by Kevin Tan
KUALA LUMPUR: The government is looking into the possibility of withdrawing its subsidy for diesel, the Prime Minister said, as light crude oil for October delivery surged to a record high of US$80 (RM280) per barrel.
Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said yesterday that the government was still discussing the possibility of removing the subsidy after receiving feedback from some Malaysians on this matter.
However, he said the high price of diesel following the removal of the subsidy might also create burden for certain people, including the fishermen who had to depend on diesel to fuel their boats.
Considering this factor, the government also had to look for other options apart from abolishing the diesel subsidy, he added.
Abdullah at the launch of the Pembiayaan MIKRO logo after chairing the 7th National SME Development Council Meeting at Bank Negara in Kuala Lumpur. Photo by Suhaimi YusufThe Prime Minister was speaking to reporters after chairing the 7th National Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development Council meeting at Bank Negara Malaysia yesterday.
He said while the government reckoned the current high crude oil prices may affect its development plans, it has not decided whether to withdraw or reduce the subsidies for petrol for end-consumers.
Apart from raising petrol prices, there could be “other options” that the government might take, he said, without elaborating on these options.
“We are observing the situation now. We know that this is a very serious development. It must have an impact on our proposal for development.
“But, we are also mindful of the fact that some time ago, we have made the statement that we will not increase the price of oil until the end of the year,” he said.
Asked if the government would allow petrol price to increase next year, Abdullah said government agencies, including Bank Negara Malaysia, were constantly monitoring the situation.
“We have to take what is in the best interest for our economy, what is in the best interest for our people. That is our objective, nothing else,” he added.
He also announced the establishment of an SME Central Coordinating Agency, which would serve as a one-stop information centre for SMEs, under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
As of now, there were about 60 government agencies involved in helping SMEs and a central coordinating agency would help to streamline the implementation of government’s policy relating to SMEs, he said.
In conjunction with the NSDC meeting, Abdullah also launched the national micro-finance logo yesterday.
Currently, there are six commercial banks and three development financial institutions that had rolled out their micro-finance products.
Under this scheme, SMEs could obtain loans ranging from RM500 to RM50,000 without collateral. The loan application process is also simple, requiring only minimum documentation.

Operation Grab the Bride

One of our long time buddy decided to tie the knot. So troopers from the south decided to lend a helping hand to the groom. It has been a fun and tiring weekend in KL. Meeting up with old friends, and being a rowdy bunch, we certainly raise hell in some occasions.
The "grab the bride" operation was a success. Rather than going for a full scale land assault, we decided to get one of our snipers to take the hit and casualty of war? Only 1 injured soldier. His lips were sealed in red. See pictures below. Pictures courtesy of my gf, Kim. Her hard work paid off. The rest of the tasks were pretty easy comparatively to the one we had before where the enemies were MAS stewardess assault troopers.
During the nite, apart from being ushers at the nite's dinner, we also formed the yum seng gang going table to table shouting Hell Yeah!! Drink up or ship out!! Joking. On Sun, we made it back home. Phew......walking in KL makes me always in a heightened state of alert. That goes to show, how vulnerable Msians feel in their own home country.
We are ready for our next mission as brothers. We look forward for our next mission. We will be ready when duty calls. We will go wherever our next mission takes us to.

Friday, September 14, 2007


These pictures were taken yesterday.

So is it possible to have a deep slumber in public buses? Its actually possible. Please bring your attention to this picture. This is during the time when the bus is kinda empty. Not many people. Everyone is just doing their own business at their seats.

This is when the bus is crowded. Wow. Still can have a good sleep despite the hustle and bustle of the expanding crowd.

That goes to show either buses is a very good comfortable place for a nap or this person dont give a hoot about what other people thinks.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Special Effects in Photography

I was going through the pictures the other day with my girlfriend. Frankly didnt realised the anomaly until she prompted me to look more attentively at this pic taken at National Museum. Aiyo!! Who added this special effect onto the picture? How can my head get entangled with the picture behind me?

Damn! I was hoping to take picture with a rich historical feeling as my background, but it turns out like something out of the movie Shutter. Shutter is a Thai horror movie by the way which I read somewhere it will be repackaged as a Mat Salleh movie. Not sure whether it was the Weinstein brothers from Miramax that snapped up the rights to the movie.

So if you take a good look, this picture is a about A Night In The Museum.....can imagine, ghouls coming out from the pictures and roaming the hallways. Hopefully someone can give me some tips to avoid this mishap in the future when taking a photo.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Funeral For a Friend - Another review

Review on Funeral For A Friend concert in Straits Times. As you can see the picture was taken from the top.
Just to let you know, the people on the top floor which I reckoned were invited guests were not moving their ass. They simply stood there. This reminded me of No Doubt and Cranberries joint gig I attended couple years back. There was this guy in his business suit standing there like a tree, looking pissed off cause everyone was dancing, moving and invading his space. I was thinking if you're just gonna sit in a concert, I suggest he buys a DVD and watch it in the comfort of his home. Anyway back to those at the top floor, even FFAF noticed that and tried to get them to shake it. But there is only so much one can do........
Linkin Park is coming for a gig. I have been to their gig twice in KL and Singapore. Think I might just give it a miss this time. Although I would love to see them perform Bleed It Out live!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Movie Mania - 2007

These are some of the movies I can recall watching in 2007 thus far. Some are hits ofcuz, some are just misses. Movies has been always been a part of my life. I derived pure entertainment watching it and derive some lessons in life from it.

The good thing bout movies are, you're not required to do anything, just let your senses do the work and sit there and just embrace the storyline.

Whatever it is, does that qualifies me to be a movie buff?