Friday, January 23, 2009

933 Roasted Duck

Before I came here, I really had high hopes for this 933 Duck stall located at 333 Geylang Road between Lor 19 and Lor 21. I could still remember Michelle Chia and Gurmit's faces enjoying the food citing how heavenly the roasted duck tasted.

Boy I was in for a suprise. The roasted duck frankly taste like any other stalls. Put 2 roasted duck ( one which is 933 duck) on the table and I couldnt tell the difference between the 2. I am really perplexed with whats the big fuss is all about for this stall.

To me it taste like any other 2nd grade stalls out there. To my friends, if you plan to go there I suggest dont. But if you really need to try it to fulfill your insatiable taste for roasted duck, then by all means dont blame me for not warning you that its not worth the trip down there.

I am so so disappointed.............


Thursday, January 22, 2009


There was a reason why I chose to read Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? by Louis V Gerstner Jr a few weeks back. A book on how he transformed IBM and how he took his first step on April Fool's Day in 1993.
Lou wore a blue shirt on his first day in the meeting and the executives all were wearing white ( IBM then was driven by Basic Beliefs of its founder). Then the following day when he wore white, the rest wore colored shirts. On a more serious note, we could see how he changed the mindset of the IBM culture and exiting from their mainframe System 360 business or how IBM coined the term "E services" but decided not to patent it so that the world today can use and harness the term.
I took on this book at this turbulent times knowing that this company and this book can give me an insight on how all hopes are not lost. And true to my prediction, IBM's relevation today beat Wall Street's forecast putting many at disbelief. IBM reported a profit in Q4 although sales were down.
With its amazing transformation more than a decade ago from a mainframe company becoming a software and service company, Big Blue has yet proven gain to the naysayers that they are a force to be reckoned with for a long time to come.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MRT Antics II

I heard of a theory before that if you get really pissed about something or someone, its better to take a breather and think about it again after one week. Thats why I chose not to write this post when it happened. Cooler heads prevail, so they say.

I was sitted with Kim on our way back home until this jackass showed up at Raffles Place station. Came in and took the seat next to me while Kim was sitted on my right. He was speaking loudly on his handphone, but thats forgiven considering the fact, the train is noisy as it runs along the tracks. This is when the "non action" of this guy gets me fuming mad. A pregnant lady entered and stood in front of him. He didnt give up his seat. He chose ignorance and keep on talking on the phone. So I gave up my seat to the lady. Then after a few stops, an old guy entered. Again he chose to ignore. So Kim offered her seat as well. That makes 2 opportunities and 2 seats given up. But this jackass still chose to ignore.

Mind you that he is sitting under the picture that clearly shows the sign of giving up seats to the elderly or pregnant women. This brings to mind, how useless this bum is, sitting there with his pot belly sticking out like Mugabe's belly. Here we have a foreigner (based on his accent), probably comes here with a good qualification but having the lowest of the lowest of civic mentality that anyone can possibly have. I am a foreigner too in Singapore since I am a Malaysian, but I choose to try to respect basic social norms here.

I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. But again I chose not to as I do not want to make the old man sititng beside of him feel awkward that this tongue lashing is caused by him. Before we alighted, I told Kim, I am sure this son of a dog will get down in the same station as us, Admiralty.

True enough he did. As far as thing goes, this guy is a rubbish fucker with zero moral values and his parents probably bring him up the way he is now, a fucking heartless low civic minded cross breed pig and human he is now.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Outram Park Roasted Meat

I am still salivating thinking of eating this dish. Yes, you heard me right. Located in Smith Street, Chinatown Complex, stall # 02-13/14, this stall serves one of the best roasted duck I had ever tasted. Do take note of the stall # because of the sheer size of Chinatown Complex, its tough navigating your way through finding a particular stall.

And how modest can this stall owner be? There were no signs whatsoever hanging on the walls of the stall though it was featured in Lost and Found. I dont see any Gurmit or Michelle pics or any certificates.

I ordered meal for 2 that consists of roasted pork and roasted duck which cost me $9.00. The roasted pork is very crispy. You can actually hear the crunching sound when you sink it in your teeth. As for the duck, the meat is juicy and the skin is roasted to perfection. Its abit salty, so tug it in with your white rice. And this meat certainly goes well as well with good old plain porridge. And the soup that comes along with it is very plain. And its sort of give you a hint that they know what they are doing. Rather than bombarding you with another salty meal, the soup is meant to complement the duck.

I will visit this stall again. And I dont mind ordering a whole duck ($30) if i have a house warming event to throw. And while we finished the food about slightly over noon, we see the crowd starts to build up. Lucky for us, we were there early.



Monday, January 19, 2009

Singapore Bak Kut Teh

Based on reccomendations from Lost and Found, we were out again on the hunt for Singapore's quality hawker food. So this time we went for bak kut teh. The problem with bak kut teh is that I have had always set a high benchmark when it comes to this dish.

In fact, I have had always challenged myself to find a stall that can beat my favourite stall back in my hometown. Sad to say until today, I had yet to find a stall that can even come close.

Leong Kee (Klang) Bak Kut Teh situated at 251 Geylang Road is the best you can get here in Singapore unless another stall here can prove me wrong. How good is it? Its good but no better than my hometown's herbal rich flavour taste and generous offerings of meat "spare parts" apart from the standard bak kut. Maybe I should echoed what Kim told me about this bak kut teh.

If you have not tasted my hometown bak kut teh, then one will feel this dish is heavenly. But if you had tasted the best, then this can only be the second best. The total dish set me back about $11 ($10 bak kut teh + $1 for 2 bowls of rice).

But so far this is one of the better bak kut teh stalls in Singapore. The meat is soft and sweet. The soup has a tinge of herbal flavour. This would be a good eye opener to visitors on what Singapore has to offer.


Friday, January 16, 2009

MCA sucks

I didnt noticed this piece of news until i stumbled upon Tony Pua's blog. Guess I was out on medical leave then and I was in total limbo.

Anyway the name Lim Teck Choon should be a name we all should never forget. He is deputy chairman of Kampung Jawa MCA branch. So folks in Kampung Jawa, your deputy chairman will be having curry rice for 6 weeks here in Singapore.

I suggest reading the 2 links here. Go to the 2nd link if you want to read more details of the case. I know I did.

So what do average Malaysians expect from a MCA leader? A leader that tried to bribe his way out of a problem. And its even more disturbing and shameful he did it in foreign soil. This is so like BN kind of way of solving things. Like Anwar used to say, "ada pulus ada lulus". But sorry dude, things don’t work that way here.

So what's next for MCA? More jokers like this in the party? More infighting between No.1 and No.2? While we wait for MCA to resolve their thorny issues, people like me will suggest MCA to dig their heads deep down the ground because we don’t feel like feeling their omnipresence here in Malaysia.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

MRT Antics I

With the average ridership hitting 4.84 million passengers trip daily, with train travel seeing a 10 to 15% increase, I believe this lady is just doing the right thing by helping SMRT ease the human traffic woes we are experiencing as of late.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ArchBlade 80

After much deliberation, I finally settled with Ashaway badminton racquet, model ArchBlade 80, weight 4u, touted as a balance racquet.
Considering Ashaway is a US brand and after calling the sole distributor in Singapore found out where I can get this racquet at a good price, I finally bought the racquet at Gala Sports in Queensway Shopping Centre, thanks to Dominic who helped me buy and picked it up.

Costing, $75 for the whole package, including the grip, bag and string, I personally believe this is a steal. Sad to say however that I only managed to used it once before I was struck with a freak back injury that rendered me with a 4 days MC last week. And the worst of it all, I need to stay off badminton for at least 1 month.

I hope I can put this racquet to good use again next month. Just cant wait to try this baby again in the courts.


Monday, January 5, 2009


It was a nice Sat, and what better way to spend my Sat then to be on a foodie trail. This time, my journey took me all the way to Hougang Central. And the barrage of accolades in the form of certificates, pictures and newspaper cuttings certainly caught my attention.

Uncle Vegetarian Rojak. As I looked at the pictures, its indeed Uncle Rojak preparing the rojak and popiah himself. You cant miss him since he is wearing his trademark cap.

I must say that since this is vegetarian, the rojak paste definitely will not have any shrimps in it. This is main ingredient in a rojak gravy. And this is my second time taking on vegetarian rojak, in which my 1st experience was in Muar, Johor couple years back.

Verdict is that the rojak is okay for my tasting. The thing here is that, don’t expect it to be as superb as a normal rojak since Uncle Rojak is not using any shrimp paste I reckoned. What I like most here is the Popiah Rojak. Interesting. The popiah itself is soft and wet. It just melts in your mouth and its easy to swallow it down your throat.The bean sprout is fresh. I will go for the popiah again if given a chance.