Thursday, April 16, 2009


There is a saying the bigger you are, the harder you fall. I am really not sure what happened to this cement truck but it seems like someone didnt pull their brakes on time. Happened yesterday in Hougang.

Not sure if anyone got hurt, but shortly after that, fire engine truck and ambulances started to make a beeline with their blaring sirens.

They would probably need a crane to lift this truck up. Any other ideas?
P/S: At point of the writting of this post, didnt know that the driver was still pinned down inside. Apparently the driver was killed. My deepest sympathy to the driver.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kingmakers of Singapore Public Transport

I like to pick my nails in the train, and I am pissed so I throw my betting slip from Kranji turf onto the ground.

Most important is my bag has a seat in the train.

I am Sivaji the Boss. Dont come and cross my path.

P/S: To be fair to the lady, she did give up her seat by sacrificing her bag when the train was crowded.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Xing Hua Food

There is this food stall tucked away in this sheltered food centre beside Boon Keng MRT station, Xing Hua Seafood. I must say that we stumbled upon this stall by accident. Kim ordered the Xing Hua seafood bee hoon then. And ever since then, we became self proclaimed fans of this stall. Why I like this stall? For a simple reason, their dishes are peculiar.

I had never seen this dish anywhere in Singapore before. If any of you do find something similar that I can make a comparison, please flag it out to me. Apart from the generous offering of seafood, the bee hoon is sprinkled with Japanese seaweed and groundnuts that enhances the taste. I suspect the bee hoon is prepared with the soup based stock that they prepared for their Lor Mee.

Talking about Lor Mee, their Xing Hua Lor Mee is not the conventional Lor Mee with the dark black thick sauce with starch. Its exactly quite the opposite. Its prepared using seafood based soup. Glass noodles are used instead of yellow noodles. Again this dish is quite refreshing, it reminded Kim of the Korean food and we think it goes so well if it comes with kimchi as a side dish. And you know, we might do just that if we make a stopover at this stall next time.

In short, both dishes are very peculiar and nice.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oasis Concert Review - From TodayOnline dated 07-Apr-09

Oasis Burning Bright - MyPaper dated 07-Apr-09

Oasis Live In Singapore - 05-Apr-09

Mention the name Oasis and the Gallagher brothers instantly pops up in one's mind that form the core of the band. It used to be just Noel shouldering the song writing responsibilities. But as they had soldier on, Noel might still writes load shit of songs, but other members of the groups also contributes, including Liam which the single Songbird without fail is featured in every gigs that they played. I told Kim that dont expect Liam to be chatty. And even if they make any remarks during the gig, probably we wont catch what he is saying due to his thick British accent. And just like every gigs, he will try to check if there are any Brits among the crowd. And he'll probably toast to his favourite football club Manchester City which he didnt this time round.

So when Oasis landed in Singapore for the 2nd time, the band gave the audiences a blast of pure rock energy. No pyro technic or any mumbo jumbo moving of the body, Liam just stands there, stretching out his neck like a crane singing hits after hits. It has been a 3rd time for me having a go at Oasis. I must admit that I feel a little jaded, seeing them playing. Liam still moves his swagger with boastful words like " You guys are good, but not as good as us though", or mocking the crowd that he is singing Some Might Say, instead he did Wonderwall, a song that they are not really interested in playing but the audiences just cant get enough of it. An ode to Meg Mathews, an old flame of one of the Gallagher brothers. And Liam never fails to mock the audiences pulling out a stunt like this, he did it in Bangkok before.

Oasis started blasting off around 8.20pm, kinda took me by surprise. Among all the gigs I attended thus far, Oasis started off the earliest. They didn’t make the fans wait too long. And the rocked all night till 10pm. They started of with Rock and Roll Star, and then proceed to their newer songs such as Layla and Shock of Lightning. They did a couple of songs from their newest album, Dig Out Your Soul, that resulted in booting out some of my favourite songs like Live Forever and Acquisce.

Like it or not, Oasis is cursed by their 2 earlier albums. Older singles like Champagne Supernova and Slide Away really got the crowd all excited. Slide Away even gave me the goosebumps. I think they like the song too, if not it wouldn’t be featured as a B side twice, in Whatever and Champagne Supernova singles. Just my guess.

Noel always been the crowd pleaser, took a bow and gave a clap to the audiences right after the last song I Am The Walrus, an old Beatles medley. I wonder when will they stop playing that in their live gigs. Liam didn’t even bother to wait till the end of the song though. He just gave a stare to right at the crowd, before making an exit backstage. Oasis had grown older over the years. Heard some in the crowd commenting that they had mellowed. And I had to agree with that.

If you're a first timer to an Oasis gig, I bet you would have had the time of your life, but those who are too familiar with Oasis, their performance is undeniably predictable, but don’t let that take away the fact that Oasis is one of the most brilliant bands that ever graced this planet.