Friday, May 30, 2008

Talk Talk Politik

When I joined this current company I am working now, little that I expect that I will meet a Singaporean who is very politically astute not only in Singapore history but also in Malaysia's political affairs. By now, this guy by the name of Mr Cheng would be at his new workplace.

When he was around here, we used to trade alot of opinions on current affairs especially on Malaysia's political developments. We will spar and trade exchanges on our point of views. His knowledge of Msian politics will put many Msians to shame as well.

So everytime when I dropped by at his office, he will ask me "so any latest updates?". Thats his standard catchphrase and then we'll start to trade opinions on the latest happenings or on the articles we read in Malaysia Today or MalaysiaKini. And both of us are great admirers of Raja Petra's writtings. And it helps as well that his Legal knowledge put many things in perspective.

Before he left, he did left me with an autobiography, Eating Salt. Must read ah, Cheng said. Very simple English and very interesting. Okay, I said. So I will make it a point to read this book, apart from the many books still in queqe in my list of read ups.

So all the best to my "political kopi talk" kaki in his new working environment.

P/S: Mr Cheng is standing beside me & we were having a sumptous Brazillian carnivore buffet.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ezam's comeback

The return of the prodigal son. Touted as a political coup from Pak Lah and orchestrated by Dato Wan Farid, with Ezam rejoining UMNO after his hiatus starting from the days when he left the party together with Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI).

To liken Ezam as rakan seperjuangan rakan rakan Keadilan is definately an understatement. We are talking about this guy who used to be DSAI political secretary and Youth Chief of PKR. Not only that but he merengkok in penjara for his struggle too. And even Hishamuddin Rais in his blog Dari Jelebu did a write up on his cell partner of 2 years, about how courageous Ezam is.

So his rationale of joining UMNO? Pak Lah recent actions has prompted him to take this path and fight from within because he sees a commitment from UMNO to make a change.

Hmmm......isnt it too early to say anything at this juncture? Yes recent events has shown the government is trying its best to undo some of the legacy left behind by BN. Restoration of the judiciary and ex gratia payment to the judges involved in the judicial crisis, the Lingam commission, a commit to review the toll rates, to relook at some of the draconian acts we have, bringing Zaid Ibrahim into the PM Dept to take charge of legal affairs, to make ACA from a toohless tiger to ACA (the real deal of course), and just today proposals to amend the University Act.

Why all this populist moves? Its plain simple. BN was handed a knock out by the rakyat. Some component parties had fallen so deep that, they might not climb out of the hole for a long time to come. All these acts by BN are more of a damage control in play. With DSAI looming at the edge of the Parliment, Ezam is just another pawn in percaturan politik of the bigwigs.

Malaysian politics has just gone a notch higher. And I am still not talking about the side events happening in and outside of the Dewan Rakyat.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Handphone TV

Not too long back, I had a posting on Nokia bootlegs being sold in Thailand and China. The Chinese has come up with yet again another innovative mobile phone that looks to me is something back to basics. It seems simple but yet something that did not catch on until recently.

The Chinese always seems to be first to dash from the starting line when it comes to introducing new catchy gadgets in the market. The recent release of Diamond smart phone from the makers of HTC unveils a slew of cool features in their TouchFlo technology again pipping Apple 3G I Phone for market release.

So with the introduction of this cool tv mobile phone above, one can watch pratically any terresterial channels by MediaCorp, so is there any reasons why consumers would want to pay $6 for Mio Mobile services in which for every 10min use of GPRS, one needs to pay $0.50 for every block used.

Again yeah, the resolution might not be as crystal clear vs Mio, but then again I have seen people using this mobile phone around Singapore. And I was told that the resolution is not as bad as one will expect. Looks like this is going to be a hit among those potato couch who simply cant get enough of TV at home.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is my SEAT

Move out of the way...Big Daddy is in the house. So this is exactly what happened when I took the train back from work yesterday. Obviously, this is another blatant display of a person without courtesy and manners.

So here he is, having his log like thigh invading the seat beside him. Dont think he gives a rat's ass for anyone beside him. Well, someone did squeeze into the seat beside him though later on. A very tiny man that tried his best to seat comfortably beside Mr I Dont Give A Rat's Ass.

So my guess was right. He stopped at the same MRT station I was alighting. Well, why am I not suprised at all?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Painting Galore

On Sat morning, it was paint, paint and more paint. Yes, Chien Jin and Esther will be moving to their new house. So I have lost basically a good housemate. So that morning, we headed to their new home, with 1 mission in mind. Paint, paint and paint.

It was tiring but fun as well. The aftermath, Kim had backaches all over her body and he throat felt funny smelling the various colours from the paint and the many brands we used such as Toa and Nippon. As for me, I think I came out pretty okay although I had a foolish dumb start when I made my 1st attempt to paint the ceiling of the room. I think I put too much paint onto the roller and as I was standing on the chair to reach the ceiling, one lump of white paint fell from the roller hit spot on into my right eye. Trust me, when I say I was momentarily blinded and my eyes felt sticky and hot. Didnt know that painting can be a hazard as well.

Below are some pictures from the Project Painting.

This is me a happy camper before the song Smoke Gets In Your Your Eyes became Paint Gets In Your Eyes if you get my drift.

Armpit Man Dom in action, noticed the hole in his armpit to give more fresh air circulation into his body. Nah.......thats just his working clothes when he is not working as an engineer but moonlighting doing some hard odd jobs for a living......nah thats not true as well. He just loves his torn worn out shirt he got from Oregon, USA.

Who says painting is not fun, its already 8pm plus and here we are still with our spirits held up high since morning.

But there was a point in time where we start to get a bit disoriented and someone attempts to take a wee into the cup and someone tried to paint a human rather than the walls

At the end of the day, those that worked their ass off, had the distinction to paint their names on the Wall Of Fame


What a morning it was to the start of the Monday. Downstairs at my block's void deck, I heard screams and shouts. Saw a Malay lady maybe in her late 20s slumped on the ground, eyes rolling wide, gasping and speaking gibberish, and her body was shaking uncontrollably. For that instance, I knew she was possessed by some spirit or spirits. Her family members were surrounding her looking stunned and confused while an elderly man, presumably her grandfather, was seen reciting some verses to calm her down. As I walked further away from my block, I could hear here shouting and what seems to be some threats as well.

Well what a start to Monday...........the most dreaded day of all calendar days......

What more can I say about the place I stay as I have blogged about my place in many occasions.......not only undesirable elements like thugs or uncivic minded people are staying ghouls and spirits too.......what's next?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Idol Branca Witness

So last night's American Idol was a shocker. David Cook was crowned the American Idol Season 7 winner. Well I had been an ardent follower of this Season 7 competition given the fact that this season's show has an abundance of talents. Plus, this two Davids certainly are talented especially Archueleta with his crisp smooth trademark voice. However Cook will be more to my liking since he is more of a contemporary rock singer. But, I missed last night's final. For one reason only, I dozed off cause I was too sleepy....hahahaha

So next on the line now is the Pedra Branca verdict. So both countries, Malaysia and Singapore will be beaming the results live starting 4pm. Again who will win? With 16 judges giving their verdicts, anything goes. May the best "man" wins in ICJ, Hague today.

When I went back home, I managed to picked up a copy of Jeff Ooi's book, I Witness from my aunt. According to my aunt, when she was there to purchase the book, Jeff only had 1 last copy left and he couldnt let that copy go as he was about to have a press conference with some reporters. So need to promo lah the book. My aunt came back again later on, and he was nice enough to sign the book for my aunt. By the way, my name is not Christine.....hahaha.....

Just Change It.....indeed Penangnites heed his call and made a change. My salute to Penangnites courage and conviction of wanting to see a change. Indirectly this salute goes to me too since I voted in Penang as well.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hentam Joceline

If you're a reader of The Star, the name Joceline Tan should be no stranger to you. She is Star's political journalist. However just before the General Election, my aunt told me to read her article "A platter of new issues". That was when I decided enough is enough. Here below I reproduced her article and how wrong she was when the results were out in 08-Mar-08. And my letter to her on the following day voicing my displeasure and my doubts on her journalistic ethics.

Alas, DAP won Penang state slaughtering BN component parties, literally speaking. And Joceline yet again shows how shallow her observation skills are. Just makes me wonder, is this lady worth every cents she is paid for?

A platter of new issues

DAP is trying to drum up support by playing up new issues as traditional ones like Chinese education and corruption are about as palatable as cold dim sum.

FIRECRACKERS were exploding in the distant background as DAP leader Lim Guan Eng stood on top of a makeshift stage (actually it was a small lorry) speaking in a mixture of Mandarin, English and Southern Hokkien.

The Chinese New Year may be over but the festive mood seems to have lingered on thanks in no small part to the start of the general election campaign.

Penang will see fierce battles in the days ahead and the DAP shifted right away into campaign mode after nominations closed on Sunday morning.

The Bagan parliamentary seat is where Lim, who is also DAP secretary-general, is staging his entry into Penang politics. Hence, it was no surprise that he chose to kick off his party's ceramah campaign in Bagan.

The contest for the Chinese vote will be fought out mainly in seats like these where the Chinese make up nearly 70% of the voters.

The opposition party also launched the party’s election video with a theme song borrowed from a pop hit by the boy-band Westlife and which provided a pretty good idea of the topics that they will be playing up in the campaign.

Times have really changed.

This is probably the first general election in history in which Chinese schools is not an issue.
Chinese education used to be an election hot potato that was guaranteed to swing votes to the opposition. Today, it is like cold dim sum, still tasty but less saleable.

The DAP would be loathe to admit it but the fact that Chinese schools are no longer an election issue is testimony to the MCA’s efforts and good working ties with Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

Corruption, the all-season favourite of the DAP during the Lim Kit Siang era, also seems to have taken a backseat.

This election will be about cost of living, crime and security and, for the Chinese crowd, the antics of Umno Youth and especially the high-profile Khairy Jamaluddin.

Pictures of him taken during the Ijok by-election are guaranteed to draw reaction from the crowd.

The DAP will not be short of issues in Penang but Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting’s announcement that this would be his last polls and Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy’s stunning decision not to seek re-election has thrown a double spanner into the DAP works.

There is considerable goodwill for the show of professionalism by MCA's top two and DAP leaders would have to think twice about attacking MCA's leadership.

But one of Lim’s concerns that evening was to assuage feelings on the ground. His presence in Bagan has been at the expense of long-time Bagan DAP strongman Lim Hock Seng who had to move to contest in a state seat.

He pulled a grinning Hock Seng onstage and they held hands up in the air like wrestling champs.

Lim can expect an easy victory in Bagan but Hock Seng will now have to struggle to win against one of MCA’s most promising assemblymen Ooi Chuan Aik, known locally as the Michael Chong of Penang.

Even some of those at the ceramah that evening said they would have a difficult time choosing between Hock Seng and Ooi.

Both are very likeable personalities. Hock Seng’s ties with the area goes back decades but Ooi has the advantage of incumbency as well as being younger and more energetic.

In fact, as senior MCA politician Tan Sri Dr Sak Cheng Lum pointed out, people will be busy checking out the candidate.

“The issues are there of course but they have been talking about it for more months.

“Over the next week or so, people will be assessing the track records of incumbents, scrutinising the new faces and basically asking themselves what each candidate can do for them,” he said.

“It’s going to be challenging but if you are able to deliver, people will recognise what you have done.”

There is an undeniable feeling of “boh song” or dissatisfaction among Penang Chinese over a variety of issues and about the Government.

But there is none of the “wind of change” mood that had blown through the state in 1990.

The opposition is hoping to fish in these troubled waters and it is up to the ruling coalition to convince voters why their bait, just like freshly-steamed dim sum, is tastier.

Letter to: Joceline Tan

Hi Miss Joceline,I am writing to you in reference to the article you wrote "A platter of new issues" dated 26-Feb-2008. I have read alot of your articles through the years and I must say this article really made me say enough is enough. I am not sure how you can go to office everyday writing packs of lies and still live your life proudly.

Yes, you can still enjoy your dim sum with your ill gotten money. And if I were to compare a robber robbing a poor old lady on the streets versus you earning a living as a journalist writing packs of lies each day, you're no different than the former. In fact, you're a bigger robber because your article had deceived many readers.

I am coming back to vote in this election, the people will show you what finer values in life are. Something my parents taught me which I find you're lacking of.And trust me, your journalistic writting is pale in comparison to mine and your political deduction is like a soggy piece of rotten cabbage. Even a novice like me can write and view things more objectively than you.

I have heard many stories about how you sucked at writing. That piece of article you just did tops it all. I find all your writing borders what I envisioned the propaganda team in North Korea will dissseminate to its people. I suggest you re-evaluate your journalistic ethics and give readers a more balanced choice of reading.

And by the way, the "congrats" on the subject header,is just a carrot to ask you to read this email. Imeant congrats for being a biased journalist.

From: Disgruntled Reader

Malaysia - A New Start

Is UMNO jinxed when it comes to being the party President and then one is left with no choice but to leave the party in the end? For a start, UMNO Baru was formed in Feb 1988, shortly after the Courts decided that the party is to be disbanded. Well if you asked me, I think thats a greater sin on CheDet's part in single handedly destroying UMNO. On the other hand, Pak Lah only lost BN's iron grip of 2/3 majority and handing 5 states to the Opposition. But then again, isnt this all part and parcel of democracy working at its very best? You win some, you lose some.

When Kuomintang under Lee Teng Hui was handed a severe blow by the voters when they voted for DPP under the helm of Chen Shui Bian, Kuomintang came back stronger in the latest general election with Ma Ying Jeou reinventing the party capturing the hearts of the Taiwanese voters. Its interesting to note as well that 2 nights ago NTV7 primetime news did a poll on whether UMNO will emerged stronger from this crisis. Most of the respondents said NO.

Going back to UMNO being jinxed, the founding father of UMNO Dato Onn Jaafar left UMNO when he wanted to make UMNO a multi racial party while many disagreed. Shortly when UMNO was disbanded in 1988, our 1st Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj and our 3rd Prime Minister Dato Tun Hussein Onn quit and didnt rejoin UMNO. Now CheDet has walked the same path despite the fact he holds membership no. 001 in UMNO. Do I think is he still relevant in today's politics? I enjoy reading his hard hitting criticisms, but his power to sway many to leave UMNO? I doubt so.

Whats next for UMNO? The party is in disarray. I dont see how the party can pick itself up again in the near future. Plus, their brand of politics is not relevant anymore. Colonial days are over. CheDet used to rule UMNO by whipping up colonial sentiments branding Singapore as Malaysia's boogeyman. The western countries are a threat to Malaysia. Sad to say, CheDet is still stuck in the past. His outdated racist point of view is not welcomed anymore by Malaysians and the world.

The only way forward now is to give Pakatan Rakyat a chance. If Malaysia has taken her chance with BN for over 50 years, why not give Pakatan Rakyat a chance to rule and prove themselves what they are made of. The beauty of democracy is that once you're sick and fed up with the current administration, you can vote them out in the next general election. In a nutshell, we are fortunate that we have elections to choose our government unlike some other countries. So its time Malaysians, to give that chance to some others who are more deserving to run the country for now. If we can forgive BN's heaps and bounds of endless errors, misdeeds, arrogance and wastage, why not we be more forgiving and give Pakatan Rakyat a chance?A chance to save Malaysia and make it a better country for all.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Going Home - Food

Its always great to be back in my hometown. Was there for the Wesak Day holidays. Its even more enjoying that I can sample nice Malaysian food again. Who will ever think that this old run down shop can serve a tasty plate of char mee. If you happen to be in Penang, and around Green Lane area, you should try this delicious char mee. I had never tried this wet version of char mee before. Its so fragrant and delicious and unique, I will be back in Jul for more.

Another one of my favourites, and favourites of many is Penang Asam Laksa. I grew up eating Kelang Lama Laksa. So when they actually opened an outlet in BM, I was ectastic. Even Kim is a fan of laksa. That goes to show, laksa is also a favourite among Koreans. What makes this laksa unique apart from the gravy is that it comes with the cracker you see above. The cracker is special and trust me when I say that its highly unlikely one can find this cracker anywhere else. In fact after the meal, I bought 10 more crackers to bring home, with each cracker costing RM0.20.

Located at the same road stall, this beef keow teow is another one of my favourites. The meat is cooked to perfection, the lingering taste of the soup, and the extra soft and smooth keow teow makes its a pleasant experience when you gulp it all down the throat. Guarantee it will make you ask for more.

So everytime when I come back to my hometown, having this store's bak kut teh is a must. Absolutely a must. So far, we have brought many guests to this bak kut teh store located behind BM wet market, no one has denied the fact so far that the bak kut teh is super duper delicious. Even my ex boss, a Singaporean tasted this dish before and she still remembers the sweet taste of the soup. The ingredients are cooked to perfection. The soup is so tasty, that you will definately ask for more soup. Oh yeah, almost forgot....the chicken feet is tasty too.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Najib and NS

Below is an excerpt of an article from NST on Najib commenting on the National Service programme in Malaysia in which I happen to caught as well on TV3 Buletin Utama last night.

Najib berkata, sejak 2004 apabila kumpulan pelatih pertama diambil hingga sekarang, 16 kematian dilaporkan membabitkan pelatih PLKN iaitu 11 kematian ketika mengikuti latihan, manakala lima lagi kematian ketika pelatih diberikan pelepasan cuti. “Daripada 11 itu, tujuh kematian kerana penyakit, manakala empat lagi akibat kemalangan,” kata Najib yang juga Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kabinet mengenai PLKN.

Beliau berkata, kematian itu hanya membabitkan peratusan kecil daripada pelatih PLKN yang sehingga ini sebanyak 339,186 orang.Beliau menempelak sesetengah rakyat yang begitu beriya-iya supaya program itu gagal dan ditamatkan, sedangkan rakyat Singapura memberikan
sokongan penuh terhadap program yang hampir sama iaitu ‘National Service’.“Di Singapura, lebih banyak yang mati tetapi rakyat Singapura lebih utama kepentingan nasional,” katanya menyebabkan Dewan Rakyat riuh.

His statement is really cold hearted, dont you think so? He said so far there is only 14 deaths out of 339,186 trainees so far. So what? 14 deaths are not deaths? For every death, there is a grieving family out there mourning for their lost child.

And he claims Singapore got more deaths in their National Service program. He gotta be kidding. From Hansard, dated 13th May, according to Batu MP, Tian Chua, so far since more than 30yrs ago the National Service program was lauched in Singapore, it has averaged to about only 1 death every 4 years.

Even then I was told by my Singaporean friend, for every death, there will be accountability from the government's end where a commission will be formed to look into it. To ensure that justice is served and the parents are given a satisfactory transparent explanation for this loss. I believe thats the least the government can do. I hope Najib dont get us Malaysians wrong. We are fully supportive of NS program. Please provide us a quality program that provides parents with a peace of mind just like what the parents in Singapore are assured of.

And yesterday Wong Kang Seng, Singapore Home Minister was in Malaysia by the way.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Junk Food

Last night I sampled this Korean junk food which is flown all the way from South korea. Why should I blog about a packet of junk food. Well this is no ordinary junk food as it claims to be one of the healthier junk food in South Korea.

Firstly they claimed that there is no MSG in it. Secondly no preservatives. Thirdly, the packaging is environmentally friendly. It dissolves itself so that its not harmful to Mother Earth.

How about the taste? Its a crossover of eating Thailand Koke peanuts junkfood and a pack of chips. Well if more junk food here emphasise on more healthy plus points in their food, I am very sure it will take away much guilt everytime I munched my way through my junk food. In the meantime, I am enjoying this pack of junk food.....gobble gobble gobble.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Iron Man Bobble hero

Bouyed by the recent kick ass movie IronMan, I stumbled upon IronMan Wacky Wobbler and got one for myself. Cost me $24.00.

I am eagerly anticipating other Marvel made movies which will invade the big screens across the world. Next on line, hoping to catch Tony Stark cameo appearance in The Hulk. Meanwhile think I will just tweak my handphone ringtone to IronMan theme song from the movie.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pretentious Lady

Reading is a good habit, that goes without saying. But there are instances where a display of a good habit can be a bad one. Or its just a facade to justify a disrespectul and inconsiderate behaviour.

This lady above is another one of those great pretenders that breathes the same air as us. Kim asked me why this lady is having 2 seats when the bus has many passengers standing due to shortages of seats? So my response was simple. She is the bitch she is. Always has been. So she thinks she is doing something good by reading. I loathe this kind of people who are pretentious.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Xi Yan - Yummy meal

Yesterday was Kim's birthday, so about a week back I had already made a lunch reservation at Xi Yan restaurant, a small nice restaurant tucked away at Craig Road. Patrons will find it hard to find this restaurant as you can see from the picture, there is no signboard. Unless one knows the exact address of the restaurant, I doubt anyone be able to pinpoint the exact location of Xi Yan. Xi Yan is a franchise from Hong Kong with 3 outlets there with the other one here in Singapore.

First dish on the lunch menu is Greenhouse Tomatoes in Sesame Sauce. What I can say about this dish is that the tomato is huge. And the sauce is laced with wasabi as well giving it a tingling taste of sourness and spiceness thats just nice to open the taste buds for more good things to come.
Next to come is Fried Radish Patty in XO & Cheese Sauce. Eating it reminds me of taking a bite in Hong Kong. So they say the chef made this with putting Shaoxing wine inside the radish and fry it to crisp perfection. So the radish just melts in your mouth.

Deep Fried Soft Shelled Crabs in Plum Sauce. Crispy, and nice, its perfect and its just a perfect showcase how all soft shell crabs should taste like.

The very reason why I chose Xi Yan is because of this signature dish above. Sichuan Salivating Chicken With Century Eggs. So before you start of this dish, the waitress will ask you whether you want to settle for mild, medium or hot. So we settled for medium since we dont know what to expect when they serve it hot to us. Anyway, the dish comes with additional chili in the event one finds the spice level is not up to one's liking. The dish is cold and it reminds Kim of Korean Cold Noodle. After tasting it, I must say this dish deserves 2 thumbs up. The century egg and nuts mixtures just blends nicely. Only a smart chef would have think of this dish.

By the time Zhengiang Spareribs hit the table, I must say the barrage of food is taking its toll on me. However how can I give this spare ribs a miss when the chef has marinate it with brown sugar and XO sauce. One of the best spare ribs I have tasted thus far.

Shrimp Paste Grouper With Pomelo Salad is fusion at its best. Who would have thought of the idea of having pamelo and water chesnut mixed with deep fried grouper? Never would I have imagined having fruits mixed with fried fish. But after having taste that, I am a believer that as long as the ingredients is in the hands of a fine chef, anything is possible.

After having the fish, I definately dont have room anymore for any meaty food. So I was glad The Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup came along. The soup taste is mild and boiled for 6 hours, its a perfect closure before the desserts come in.

The cake above was specially made for Kim as I had earlier specified that it was her birthday. So its kinda unique that instead of blowing candles, Kim has to blow the brightly lid fire doused with alcohol circling the cake.

Tofu Ice Cream on Pandan Rice With Coconut Cream is another example of how a fusion dessert should be. A bite into the creamy ice cream, I can feel the taste of the tofu. The sticky rice (pulut) is really a brilliant add on. So this last dish is really the icing on the cake.

After a hearty meal, I paid $180 and felt so poor that I just had my Thai instant noodle that night....hahahahaha. Seriously.........but on a hindsight, its worth the money. The food's good and the ambience is great.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Siglap Food

Its back to food topic again. Bob brought us to this favourite hangout of his that served thick good coffee. That I agree. But the highlight of this restuarant is the Yong Tau Foo and Kway Chap. This coffeeshop is located in Siglap just beside Siglap Centre. If you are thinking of trying Yong Tau Foo during dinner, its unlikely its still open. So its better you try your luck for breakfast or lunch.
Lets talk about Yong Tau Foo first. The preparation style is very much alike Ampang Yong Tau Foo style. Been to Ampang and became a believer. So this Yong Tau Foo is as close as you can get if you're in Singapore.

Next highlight is the Kway Chap. You cant missed it as it has the Green Book Awards certificate. The soup taste is sweet and the ingredients taste fresh when I savour it. Thumbs up too.

After a big meal, its back to work again in the office. Good things never last, so they say.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Before the General Election, my Dad attended a handful of ceramah. What I remembered was he did tell me that Gobalakrishnan was a fiery speaker. Obviously I didnt took much notice of him until I saw this video in YouTube.

Pasir Salak MP as you can see has been reduced to mouselike figure. Stunned by Gobalakrishnan response. So Gobalakrishnan, its okay you didnt submit any questions in the 1st Parlimentary session. Keep up the good work in keeping BN bloody gap shut.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


One thing I like about buffet is that you can eat till you drop. But it gets even better, if it offers you something which you crave always. A food that makes you go bonkers and you will die for its taste. Yes, I am talking about the King of Fruits. Durian. Yes, the only fruit that makes me want to have more and more and even more.

I was told that Holiday Inn Windows On The Park restaurant serves nice buffet. Plus DBS credit card holders are entitled for a One to One offer, so why not. This is their signature dish in my opinion. Durian Pengat. You can smell the pungent durian smell even before you can lock your sights on it. Just scoop and put it into your mouth. The durian paste will melts into your mouth. Its just as good as eating the real thing. But it is the real thing as you can feel the durian pulps.

3 bowls of it last night, I was handed a KO (KnockOut) by this dish. But this morning, I was back thinking about it again......well thats the curse we durian lovers need to face everyday.....

Monday, May 5, 2008

Jurong BirdPark

I believe this is one of the hottest seasons yet in Singapore. When I was in Jurong BirdPark on Sunday, reached there about 11am to catch the bird performance. And it was indeed a worthwhile trip. Considering the fact, I am not paying for the entrance ticket which would have cost me $36 for 2 persons excl the tram ride.

As you can see from the picture above, just pay $2, and you can feed the birds. Kinda cute huh.

And over here you can see various other birds, such as parrots, parrots and more parrots. Not sure why but I fancy those birds that can talk.

Okay this is a non parrot picture for a change and also penguins. Watching them sliding and walking reminds me of Surf's Up and Happy Feet.

Bongo Burger, comes with beef patty and fries. Not cheap. Its priced at $9.90. And no drink included. Decided we just share 1 burger and eat out instead later on. Missed a couple of shows there but guess it was okay. Will think if making another trip there since if the buzzword is FREE.