Monday, June 29, 2009

5 Reasons Why Transformers is Not As Good As I Expected It To Be

Well the movie bombed, as Transformers's sequel really was way off my taste. I could see people moving out of the cinema, just not sure whether they went out to take a leak due to the super long duration of the movie or they simply gave up.

Lucky I didnt wait till the closing credits roll to its final curtain call, because there wasnt any teaser scenes.

5 Reasons Why Transformers is Not As Good As I Expected It To Be
1. Too much screen time for humans but too little screen time for the robots

2. A lot of unnecessary scenes which makes the movie a drag and a bore

3. Optimus screen presence is seriously missing here, and so is the characterizations of other robots making some of the more notable Autobots & Decepticons as eye candy only.

4. I have myself to blame for setting a too high of an expectation for this movie.

5. Michael Bay has really outdone himself this time, this movie was too bombastic.


Friday, June 26, 2009


If you happen to makan at Old Airport Rd and you happen to park your vehicle at 49A, you definitely wont miss this funny sight if you're not taking the stairs.

Okay here is the tricky part, rushing horde of crowd dashing in, you being a noble helpful human being would like to offer your helping hand. Oopps this is tricky. I had never faced this before ever in my life, which button should I press. Left or right? Both buttons are showing the "open button" But we all know its not possible. Which one will you choose? The crowd is rushing in….damn…..errrrr right, left, right, left…………..


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I started to listen to 动力火车 when I was in my uni days back in 1996. I had a coursemate who is crazy as well about 动力火车 aka Power Station. He will lend me his collection of 动力火车 cds which I gladly accept. Since then, there was no turning back for me. Had been a fan then, and now still a fan. Artists come and go, but 动力火车 had always stayed true to their roots.

Recently got their new album Moving On - 动力火车. It was indeed nice after a 4 year hiatus for this band. And I gotta admit, its even sweeter than I got the album at 50% at Sembawang Music Centre, so ended up paying $12.50 nett.

Now Kim is also a fan of 动力火车. But I think I didn’t do anything much. I just played their songs from their CD and MTV on tv, and she instantly became a fan of the band as well. Unlike other sugar coated, pop manufactured bands, 动力火车 had always stayed true to their essence. No gimmick, no bullshit makeup make real kind of persona. What you see is what you get.

And trust me, in the entertainment industry today, its quite hard to find an artist that still stays true to who they are and what they represent.

As for me, its karaoke time when I get home, gonna arm myself with the hanyu pinyin lyrics and sing my heart out. Hopefully I am ready for a solo for the next karaoke session belting out 动力火车 songs.


Monday, June 22, 2009


I am sure many of us will know the significance of a flag. In ancient times, often in war, the flag bearer will charged forth together with his batallion and do battle. And usually the opposite camp, will try to grab and trample on the flag to declare victory. The same goes when you managed to achieve a certain feat, for instance mountain climbing. You stick the flag on the pinnacle point at the summit, or if you're an astronaut, you will place you flag proudly on the moon or wherever you're at.

When you're in the Olympics, the 3 winners will have their flags raised up in unison. And when the flag is raised in the school assembly, you will stand still as a mark of respect.

But MCA has not learn the essence and importance of the flag. Or should I say, selective respect. While they let their MCA flag fly proudly, look at the state of the 2 other flags, the Penang and Malaysia flag. Its in a torn diliapitated state, I feel disgusted seeing how MCA treat the flag. This picture was taken in MCA branch in Kg Baru. Utter disgrace to me. If MCA cant learn how to respect a flag, they can never learn to respect the people which the flag represents.

I remember there was once, people got prosecuted for flying the flag upside down and the authorities wanted to bring charges to those who do not respect the national flag. So now please please is someone doing anything about MCA?

P/S: Pic was taken on 30th May. Maybe they had replaced the flag by now…………….maybe……….


Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 Eating Myths I know………do you know any else?

5 Eating Myths I know………do you know any else?

1.Do not consume Mentos and Coke together as your stomach will explode

2.Do not consume durian and liquor together as you will either die or get a bad stomach ache, take your pick.

3.Do not boil water more than once.

4.Eat overnight boiled eggs for males will result in large testicals.

5.Eating potato sprouts kills you or make you go crazy, take your pick.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 Reasons Why Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen will kick ass

10 Reasons Why Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen will kick ass (in no particular order)

1) New Divide the theme song of this movie by Linkin Park is awesome. Listen to the song and you can see and feel Transformers playing through your mind.

2) Megan Fox alone is good reason enough for the price of the ticket into the cinema.

3) Constructicons is in the sequel. So is Mudflap and Skids. What does this tells you? It means we will see Autobots and Decepticons combining with each other to become a bigger robot. This is so unreal!

4) Megatron now can transform into a jet, tank and a mega gun? I must see it to believe it………I made this up..hahahah…don’t think it will happen here, but no harm hoping.

5) Decepticons are never complete without Starscream and Soundwave. See Raptor jumping out of Soundwave…….awesome.

6) Michael Bay has confirmed that the sequel would be 4 minutes longer, so simple maths add up to 147 minutes, running over 2 hours of pow wow action!!

7) Heard there will be a sequel in about 3 years time. So if you don’t watch this, you might end up cursing yourself for missing this one.

8) After the movie, everyone can feel inspired and toys sales of Hasbro for Transformers action figures will soar sky high, thus saving the economy from the doldrums.

9) Fallen will be featured in this movie where he was one of the original Transformers created by Primus which subsequently betrayed him. Sounds like he is more of an evil bastard than Megatron.

10) The leader we all love, Optimus Prime, remember the ending scene of the first movie where he stand high with his fellow Autobots. That’s classic. And that’s an understatement for Optimus.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Malaysia From Now On.......

Something I wrote before but was never published. I submitted it to Malaysian Insider, guess its not good enough to be there, but its good enough to be in my own blog hahahaha...

Malaysia From Now On.......
Theodore Roosovelt once said, " People ask the difference between a leader and a boss…The leader works in the open,and the boss in covert. The leader leads,and the boss drives." When the rakyat took to the polls in 08-Mar-08, the rakyat exercise their roles as the boss and gave BN leaders a jolt they never see coming in 5 states and the voice for change reverberated across the nation. BN leaders must understand that the wind of change was not only evident in Malaysia but many other countries across Asia such as Taiwan and Thailand. The bosses has finally spoken.

If BN still have an inkling of hope to win back the support of the masses, it needs to go through a tremendous reinvigoration in strategy to fix whatever is lacking in them. With the increasing penetration rate of Internet, more and more people will have unlimited access to news without censorship. In a way, the old school media will have a tough time racing against time and of course to up the ante against the new media. Media revolution has certainly transformed the landscape of politics in Malaysia, and even in the US, the Obama team did a credible job in reaching the Americans using a combination onslaught of phone messaging services and the internet.

It needs to be foretold that BN do not longer hold absolute control over the media because with the coming of the digital age, there is a new carved segment in media which can be deemed as a no man's land. As Noam Chomsky pointed out in his book "Media Control" on US invasion in Vietnam, " It was necessary to make that the official and well understood picture. That's worked pretty well. When you have total control over the media and the educational system and scholarship is conformist, you can get that across." With BN losing its grip on the media, the people have found a new stream of unsanctioned unrestricted information which opens up a wholly new world with the flow of information so rapid and seamless, information is finding its way into the deep heartlands, into the kampung and new villages via print outs and words of mouth.

The more censorship BN puts on the internet, the further they drift away from convincing the masses that BN is in it for the long haul. With liberalization policies promised by the new alliance, Pakatan Rakyat, the hope of a new dawn is more enticing than BN's archaic policies. Malaysia could make history with a change in government at the federal level but the question now is at what cost? With the world economy in turnmoil and prices of oil heading south, Malaysians might be running out of time and wits to save the country. Can Malaysia afford to wait for the next white knight in shinning armour? Only time will tell.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


After moving in, I felt my room was still lacking of something. First of all, my side table. Got that sorted out on Tues when I went to Silver River to buy a $99 side table. Then something is still lacking still. A table lamp. It shouldn’t be a problem if I had not being careless by breaking the Ikea lamp I bought last year. And it came to me as a surprise that when you least expect to look for it,. I managed to buy my lamp yesterday while I was at Kallang Leisure Park to watch Terminator Salvation. And yes, John Connor kicks ass.

Although I find the lamp a little pricey, but it certainly beats the same old lamps I see from Ikea. So I bought the lamp above at $34.00 minus the bulb. It came in assorted colours, but we settled for the colour red. Price Mart is located at Kallang Leisure Park, this shop certainly have a myriad of funny interesting stuffs that’s good for gifts or home deco. As I had pointed out before, although it’s a little pricey, but the designs certainly does appeal to me.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Recently I moved in to my new home. Everything is fine except for the smell of burning joss sticks keep blowing into my home. But I think I can live with that by closing the door and the windows. Also I get occasional noises from upstairs too either they are clumsy or they really love to stomp their feet on the ground. That’s fine for me too. My house is kinda warm too, but that’s okay, I am now either half naked from waist up or I just wear a singlet and pump up the fan.

Basically I am a non believer in mambo jumbo superstitions. I never look at so called "good" dates when I moved into my current home. I never put up red cloth when I moved into my new home. But what really spooks me is my neighbour, which I believe should be him, pardon me if I had falsely accused someone here.

My unit is just located by the side of the lift. And to my surprise 2 nights ago, we found this talisman sticking at the wall beside the lift. Okay so it’s the common corridor, you might say its okay. But look again. Does this talisman looks as if the figure in the picture is facing his back? Meaning this figure is looking directly into my home!! To be specific, if this figure got X ray eyes, its looking right into my bedroom corridor and right into my living room. Geesh man……what can I make out of this? I don’t even understand why my neighbour would want to paste talisman like this along the lift corridor.

So freaking weird. Anyway, the cleaner removed the talisman on the following day. We also found some stains near the wall. So not sure if they had splashed something as well on the wall.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Phillips HR2094 Blender

If its one thing I dread eating is fruits, believe it or not. I don’t hate eating it, but just plain lazy to actually move my ass to the supermarket to pick some good fruits. Worst of it all, I am not a good picker when it comes to having a knack of picking nice tasty fruits. So when we decided to get a blender, I told myself okay, I will be eating more fruits from this day on. But not blended vegetables juice though.

So here we have above, a nice mixture of pear and banana. The results? Its nice. But I am more of a fan of banana juice, mixed with vanilla syrup and crush it with ice, this blender lets you create your own smoothie at the comfort at your home at a fraction of its price. Got this baby in Phillips Warehouse Sale 2 weeks back. Cost me $100 which I think it’s a small price to pay to make me eat more fruits. No kidding.

Phillips HR2094 comes with a 1.5L glass jar, and trust me, its pretty heavy. The base is shiny aluminium and it certainly makes the Philips blender a stylish accessory to the kitchen. I tried lifting this blender up and I found it to be stuck on the base. Why? It comes with hefty suckers to keep it on the worktop without sliding all over the place. Considering the fact when you blend it, it stops the blender from any unwarranted movements and it certainly helps if you're one heck of a clumsy freak that prevents you from knocking this baby off the top.The other postive aspect of this blender is the filter for juicing. Try blending carrot or apple, and you would certainly need a filter to filter all all the pulps.

The stainless steel blades are easily removed for washing and this blades certainly does it job when you select Crush mode. It crushes the ice effortlessly. So overall I am pretty satisfied for the price I paid for this blender.