Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Favourite Lor Mee

I used to stay near Yew Tee at Choa Chua Kang North before moving to Potong Pasir and now to Woodlands. The one thing I still miss about Choa Chua Kang North is the Lor Mee dish believe it or not. Tucked in a coffeeshop franchise just behind the petrol kiosk, lies my favourite Lor Mee.

If you happen to have breakfast, you cant miss it. You will see people forming a beeline waiting for their food. Fen Zhen Seafood and Yong Tau Foo is the name of the shop. But make no mistake, their signature dish is actually the Lor Mee. The crisp nuggets is so crunchy and yummy, you have some of the patrons ordering that as an additional side dish.In my opinion, what makes their Lor Mee dish so tasty is attributed to a couple of factors. Their not so thick gravy (just nice), their generous portion of garlic and vinegar and last but not least, the nuggets.

Since I am now back in Woodlands, I make it a point to travel to my favourite haunt for my fav Lor Mee. And do take note, the price has since increased for the regular bowl from $2.50 to $2.70.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Revenge of the Fish

It was a day when humans waged war with fishes. And the fish retaliates. On Friday night, we had dinner at Fish and Co in Novena Square. I ordered a meal that its name slipped my mind for now. It was a delicious meal. Deep fried crisp that you can even take a crack at its bones. Needless to say, the serving was huge in portion as well.

So after eating fish, we decided to go to Dr Fish which is just a few minutes walk from Novena Square. Here is payback time for the fish. We are now at the receiving end. For a 30 min session, we had our feet nipped by hundreds of fishes. There are 2 pools side by side. One pool host smaller fishes while the other is the home of a bigger species. So we took a dip for 15min in each pool.

Ticklish but it was fun. Heard that the fish came from hot springs in Turkey. End result, my feet feels smooth. Not sure if the fishes were satisfied devouring my feet, but I had a great time there.

So its kinda an ironic night. A night where we had fish for dinner, and the fish had us as dinner as well.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Baby

On Monday, I saw this offer for a steamboat cum hotlplate (brand: Cornell) appliance selling at SGD69.00 at Ang Mo Kio NTUC in the papers. I knew I had to get this baby. Being a 3 days offer, I made my way down on the last day of the offer.

Thank God I got my hands on the last piece. It will make a perfect steamboat event for me. Call me weird but I am a sucker for steamboat hahahaha. Throw in the hotplate and its perfect.

I will use it in Chinese New just need to get ready preparing the list of food I want to eat then........

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weird Isnt it?

Isnt it weird if
  • a country has Official Secrets Act (OSA) where any documents can be deemed secret if stamped when the original law UK Official Secrets Act 1911 has been abolished long time ago in UK.
  • Sedition Act 1948 can be used against you for its an offence merely by the act of raising it.
  • Police Act 1967 runs against our Constitution Article 10 where freedom of speech and assembly is guaranteed.
  • Criminal Procedure Code S117 enables detaining authorities to detain arrested persons for a maximum of 15 days without access to legal counsel if its neccesary for investigations into the alleged offences.
  • yearly through Printing Presses Act 1948 the Minister has absolute power to grant, renew and terminate licenses to operate printing presses for publication of newspapers and other publications.
  • Internal Security Act (ISA) can detained you for an umlimited period and the laws has been changed in such a way that this cant be challenged in any court of law in Malaysia.
  • Part XI of the Constitution provides "Special Power Against Subversion and for Emergency Powers" to suspend consitutional guarantees of individual rights and the proclamation can live on as long as Parliment does not terminate it and can be made before the occurence of the events and co exists with current laws and its not to be challenged in any court of law.

Why do some people still think everything is fine in Malaysia?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thailand Part 2 - Food

Finding authentic Thai food will be a problem in Spore. Having to pay a reasonable price for the food, its even a taller challenge.

Here are some of the places around Ayuthya thats serves authentic Thai food at an attractive price. A restaurant beside the river, a roadside stall and roti saimai, a tad sweet but at 300BHT, what the heck.......

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thailand Part I - A Fire

In my biz trip, I usually will stay in one of the hotels in Rachadapisek Road. However that morning, when I was on my way out for a meeting with my client, noticed that there was much commotion on the street and a portion of the road was cordoned off by the police.

Only upon looking up the sky, realised that the building slightly burnt due to the fire. The building proximity to my hotel is quite near. Lets put the proximity as walking distance. We tried tuning in to the radio for more info, unfortunately news just ended. Too bad. However definately I was soundly asleep when it all happened. Yawn........talking bout sleep......think I need some now......

Anyway here is a clipping of news article that made it into the front page on 10th January edition of The Nation and some pictures taken using my handphone. From the picture, you can see the aftermath of the fire where a portion of the building was charred. The Nation described it as a Towering Inferno in its report.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

From the Philippines

Finally back from Thailand and Philippines. Was in both countries last week. As usual here are some photos to share. The 31st storey view from the hotel I was staying in Philippines was breathtaking. All pictures are taken with my handphone. I dont have the habit of briinging my own camera for official business trips since the only time you will be free is during the nights.

And they even upgraded me to a bigger suite without additional cost. That even made the stay more memorable.

I would be posting some pics from Thailand soon. Until then........

Friday, January 4, 2008

Why They Are The Best

I can watch this video over and over again because I believe Slipknot is one of the best bands in the world. I was glad that I attended their gig here few years back.

No one kicks arse like the way they do and you gotta hand it to them. Singing with a mask on is freaking hot. Iowa is still my Top 10 best albums of all time. I can still plug in the cd and bang my head against the air to their tunes.

With Corey on the vocals and Joey Jardison on the drums and other band members pumping the adrenaline a notch higher, no wonder they're one of the most successful live bands to date.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


You know how good a library is if you see what kind of titles and catalogue they carry. If you can find a good book like this in a library like this book I found in one of Spore libraries, you know they have the good stuffs and you dont need to pay for it.
May 13 book is a must read or a must have for all.