Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lost and Found

Its a pain to lose a wallet. I learn it the hard way. Although it was not exactly me who lost the wallet but it was my gf.

To cut a long story short, wallet dropped in a Comfort cab. The very next day, I contacted Comfort custoemr service to lodge a report. Hopefully a good samaritan will return it although personally I didnt pin high hopes we can find the wallet again. But thankfully, the cab driver was kind enough to return the wallet at one of the police post.

Retrieving the wallet wasnt easy. All lost and found items will be transferred to police HQ at Ang Mo Kio. Opening hours is from 9-5pm. Weekends are closed. So no choice. Gotta rush to Ang Mo Kio to retrieve the wallet on behalf of my gf.

One can only imagine the stuffs in the lost and found office. In the picture, you can see a grainy image of a broken wheel. I also saw a baby pram and also some motorcycle helmets. I wonder how on earth are the police gonna trace down the owners or do people will actually take the effort to report a missing broken wheel?
I can only wonder. Anyhow the my gf lost item was tagged and returned back to me. Another case closed.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Steamboat Sat

Last Sat our pals had a steamboat at Teik's house. Great steamboat delight. Here are some picures to share. I was too busy eating that I snapped the picture when we more than half way through the meal....hahahaha. However cant say the same for Aiko, Teik's pet dog. One hungry dog. Keep prancing around for food and barking at every strangers that come to the house. If she's human, she can be Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey since she has a loud voice.

After that we proceeded to relive the moments watching the DVD where we troopers helped Chien Jin in grabbing the bride. I have lost counts as to how many times I was a trooper, but we sent a full army of Delta troopers into the battlefield. The biggest troop we ever assembled. It was like going into Iraq, with the Iraqis kicking our arse. It was a logical move. the enemies equaled or even outnumbered us. Alot of us were wounded in the battle. The flowers I was carrying were all reduced to ashes with only 1 flower left standing. Some have battle wounds and scars to show. Teik and Dominic had bruises they can be proud of. A memento on our battlefield victory.

We like these kind of helped us relive the crappy good ol' days......

Monday, October 29, 2007


Reading has always been one of my many profound interest since young. Partly due to my parents especially my Dad who showered me with books and setting up a good example by reading himself.

Last Fri evening went to MPH warehouse sale. Guess what I found there among the thousand of books available for sale there. One particular book is from our beloved PM, Abdullah Badawi. Oh a book on Islam Hadari. I wonder does any sane minded person will buy this book? Although i didnt flop or browse the pages of this book, I wonder what can someone write just by this topic alone?
There is another. Does the name of the author name rings any bell?Abdul Razak Baginda, the guy in the Altanthuya murder trial. I used to have much respect for this guy. Well everything now goes under the drain for me.

All books are on sale at $8.00. I picked up some good books. Reading Who Are We (The Challenges of America's National Identity) - Samuel P Huntington right now. Those 2 books I mentioned earlier, will not even bring it home with me eventhough if it was distributed freely.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Twin Yokes

Congratulations, its a twin. Hahahaha. See the picture above. The one circled in red? I was preparing fried rice for breakfast the next day. Since my refrigerator is filled with leftover food, decided to clean up by cooking fried rice using whatever leftover rice still there. Firstly, I need to have 2 eggs. Crack one.Hmmm, ok. The yoke is round and nice. Crack two. Yikes! 2 egg yokes. Its a twin.
This reminded me of my Mum who cracked an egg with 2 yokes as well. Being superstitious, my Mum kept the yokes in the refrigerator and we took a picture of it. Not sure what happened to the egg yokes after that. Whether was it consumed. Or they just threw it away.

As for me, hell yeah. We are talking about having 2 egg yokes for the price of 1. I am eating it. No complaints from me. At this juncture as we speak, it should have flowed through into my digestive system.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is Malaysia fair to all?

I am reproducing this article from MsiaKini to show if there is fairness when it comes to competing for business in Msia. If we dont act now in the coming General Election, our future generations will be the one to suffer. Are you okay to sabotage the futures of our next generations?

DAP offers proof of ‘bumi only’ directives
Syed Jaymal ZahiidOct 22, 07 3:59pm

A discriminatory directive repeated in three government circulars has agitated opposition party DAP into calling Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a "liar and a hypocrite".The documents, revealed at a press conference at the Parliament lobby today, contain instructions to different ministries to award all government contracts to bumiputera companies only. DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng described this as “hypocrisy of the highest degree” in relation to Abdullah’s claim that he does not practice favouritism and will continue treating all communities equally.
One document issued last November is a Treasury circular. It specifically instructs relevant government agencies to give contracts for physical development projects with a budget below RM30 million only to bumiputera companies registered with the Finance Ministry.Previously there was no such wide-ranging directive being issued.An example is the document signed by Treasury secretary-general Dr Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah directing the Housing and Local Government Ministry to acquire children’s playground equipment through a single bumiputera-status contractor, named as Pro-Landscape Structure Sdn Bhd.
It says that, if other bumiputera companies are involved in similar ventures and are recognised by the ministry, a panel will decide which contractor will procure the contract based on the price factor. Lim also produced a third document, dated July 15, 2005 and signed by Education Ministry official Adnan Arup stating that relevant units are ‘advised’ to purchase school textbooks from only bumiputera suppliers. Lim alleged that, even if the books are in Chinese or Tamil, these must be purchased through a bumiputera company.
Protest registered DAP-Kuching member of parliament Chong Chieng Jen, who was present, accused Abdullah of lying when giving a speech during a visit to Kuching, Sarawak, last week. “He spoke of national unity and equality, yet his actions and the actions of those below him indicate otherwise,” he said. Chong said he has sent three memoranda of protest to Abdullah, his secretary and Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yackop respectively, but has yet to receive a response. Lim pointed out that non-bumiputera contractors too depend on government contracts, which is funded by taxpayers' money, for income and that the race-based policy deprives them of a livelihood. Jay Tan, (right) a children’s playground equipment manufacturer, told reporters that he was frustrated in a business where 30 companies are constantly vying for a single contract. “We have to go through a bumiputera company in order to get contracts. The company usually wants to make profit out of us and this is bad for business,” he said. Lim noted that Malaysians share one nationality and urged the government to treat citizens equally. Under the government's New Economic Policy, however, bumiputeras are given preferred status in obtaining contracts, discounts and other privileges, in a bid to raise their share of equity ownership.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I have a feeling that the place I am living now is not that safe. Well cant help feeling that way since everyday I see youths with colored hairs and some of them with tattoos loitering around the void deck. Or lepaking sitting everywhere including the walkways.

Sorry for the blurry photo, but think my point is proven when I saw this policeman having a word with this youth in one evening. Another policeman not in the picture was seen radioing using his walkie talkie. Seems like some something happened. Although I cant put my finger on what actually transpired.

I dont mean to have a biased opinion on this group of youths solely based on their appearance, but frankly I dont think based on their outlook alone, they are a nice bunch of law abiding citizens.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Curry Buffet

Just came back from a hearty meal. Curry lunch buffet. I must say this is my first time sampling so many dishes of curry at one go.The place? Cafe 2000 at M Hotel. We had a 1 to 1 coupon thats valid for Oct. So wny not try since we're curry lovers ourselves.

Apart from the array of dishes such as mutton rendang, devil's curry, prawn masala, crab curry, sayur lodeh, chinese chicken curry and other spicy dishes, each table is served with 1 complimentary curry fish head. The curry fish head is one of the best I have tasted in ages.
Another personal favourite of mine is the indian potato curry
With all the curries, I still get to quench my thirst with 1 complimentary iced lemon tea. My girlfriend had lime juice. Not forgetting the desserts. Real mouth watering delights. Luckily I saved some storage space in my stomach for desserts..hahahaha.
Paid $35.60 nett incl GST and service charge, we walked out feeling satisfied.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Great Heartless Pretenders

What does it feels like to be pregnant. Some of my friends' wives are expecting their first born child. Some had given birth. Either way, its not easy for Mums out there carrying their newborn before coming into this world.

Me as a guy can only imagine how tough it is. But I believe that each of us can do our bit in helping expecting Mums feel better. Even if its a small simple gesture like offering a seat to pregnant ladies.

Here is where the worst of human behavior rears its ugly head. Here I was standing in the crowded train and there was a pregnant lady that stood by my side. I would have expected someone to offer her a seat. End result? None whatsoever. I cant blame the others as I could see they were in real deep slumber when I stepped into the train. However I must single out this 2 heartless individuals for their actions.

I am still grappling with the fact that they can put on a straight face while a pregnant lady was turning her head left and right, back and front to find an empty seat. Lucky for her, someone got up and she got a seat. This Indian guy has the potential to be a Bollywood villain. Pretending fidgeting his handphone when the pregnant lady was standing in front of him. When the lady finally got a seat, he stopped whatever he was doing. This Chinese lady was even better. She just tilted her head downwards. Acting as if she was trying to come up with a HIV vaccine. Sorry but you have bad acting skills. To cut her some slack. She did looked straight at this pregnant's lady tummy and still sat there. I gotta hand it to this lady. One heartless cold bitch.

So here is a toast, to this 2 heartless low life piece of garbage. Dont cry father mother when you need help someday. Aint no one helping you.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Visitor

It was just another humdrum day yesterday with heavy downpour. So I went out of my home to pick up my girlfriend stranded in the heavy rain.
What happen next was kinda funny. I left my door open with the grills locked as always. Soon after we reached home, we made it into the kitchen. Saw some bird poo lying on the stove and basin. Yes bird poo. Well I told my girlfriend who is a Korean, Chinese believes this is good luck.
Then out of nowhere, we heard bells clinging in the living room. Please tell me our home is not haunted. Then soon after it was followed by a meow. Whats going on here?
To our suprise we saw this puffy Persian cat in our home. Hiding under our dining table. How did the hell it managed to get into our home. I swore I left our home door open for not more than 10 minutes. Decided we couldnt keep it since its definately belongs to someone else and we're not a fan of feline creatures anyway.

So I managed to coax the cat to get out of the house.
Lesson learnt? Keep our doors closed at all time. You'll never know which furry creature will make its way into our home again.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Muay Thai

I was at Contender Asia arena on Sat. Decided to attend one of the fights before it ends this Oct. With 3 matches, with 2 being exhibition matches, and The Contender match being the final one on the card, it just makes me screaming for more.
Thanks to my friend, got ourselves discounted tickets for the match. We reached there about an hour ealier but the long line of crowd says it all. Excellent bout. It was a slobberknocker.

Cant wait for the series to be shown on AXN. 16 fighters slug it out, but only one will be left standing. Let the game begin.....

Monday, October 8, 2007

I am back......

Well I laid off from posting any new posts as I was in Bangkok for some official biz. But I am back. Not without my own sets of problem. Was on 1 day medical leave as I was down with food poisoning. I am very sure I was poisoned from my hotel breakfast buffet. Well, guess I had it coming.

Here is a pic of the food I had from a roadside stall near the hotel I was staying. Phad Thai that only costs me 40baht. First time I had with eggs wrapped around it. Comes with free cold water as well. But trust me, I was saved after eating it. Suprisingly, it was the hotel food that killed me.

Next is my hotel picture. I do my work and business here. When I am not meeting my clients of course. Well their room service is amazing. Everytime I step out a while to get some stuffs at the nearby supermarket, the next thing I know when I'm back the room is squeky clean with my clothes all nicely folded. Real excellent and rapid hotel cleaning crew.

Before I head back to Singapore, I was in Chon Buri for a meeting. Managed to feast myself a sumptous seafood meal. Fresh prawns and crabs, plus authentic tomyam, with a nice seaview, an excellent place for a nice relaxing meal.