Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Insincere Gesture

This is an excerpt from the The Star, regarding the death of Lee Hui Ling.

"Pasir Gudang MCA division secretary Ang Ah Ngo said a memorandum on the incident would be submitted to Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow on Friday and expressed the hope for more police presence in Johor Jaya. "

I believe Ah Kiow and Ah Ngo is from the same party. Do they need to be so formal and so inpersonal? Write a memorandum? Cant he just call Ah Kiow on his handphone on what is he doing about this? This sounds so insincere to me? With communication so advanced and rapid today, do we need to rely still only on paper and pen? I dont know. What do you people think?

Do we need a death and a few more for more police presence? Enough is enough. Look at the state of security of Msia today.Not too long back we made headlines for the wrong reasons where Chinese tourists were warned by the Chinese govt on the state of security here. They can choose not to come to our country for holidays but we Msians do not have that luxury. Msia is our home. Like it or not, we're here to stay.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Are we safe?

Below is excerpt from The Star, 27-Mar-07. What has become of Msia? I know once case doesnt sums up the state of security in the country. But if you open up the pages in the local dailies, you can get stories of various crimes that ultimately leads to a tragedy. What are the enforcement officers doing to stop this? What are the govt doing to eradicate this. Ask your local MPs or State Assemblymen, what are they doing about this? Especially if they are from BN, ask them what can they do? Ultimately we as citzens should feel safe and protected in our own home and country. I believe this is the most fundamental needs of everyone.

Carjack victim in coma dies of internal bleeding

JOHOR BARU: A 22-year-old woman who slipped into a coma after being dragged behind her car by a group of carjackers last week died yesterday.
The victim, Lee Hui Ling, died at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital at 8.15am.
The cause of death was internal bleeding in the head due to an injury sustained during the robbery last Monday.
On that day, Lee was about to enter her house in Taman Johor Jaya here after meeting friends at about 5am when she was attacked by members of the notorious Iskandar Gang.
The five suspects dragged her after she put up a fight before escaping with her Honda City.
Johor Baru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Shafie Ismail said police were working hard to detain the suspects.
The Iskandar Gang is also believed to be responsible for the attack on Pengkalan Rinting Assemblyman Low Teh Hian’s brother, Ee Chong, 51, in Taman Daya last week.
The suspects were believed to be under the influence of syabu during the incident.

Monday, March 26, 2007

DAP 41st Anniversary Dinner

It was the 41st anniversary dinner for DAP. I went back home to attend the dinner in Penang. I had the chance to spoke to Guan Eng and Chong Eng that evening, thanks to a lady who sat with us who is also a member of the DAP Wanita.

I came out of the dinner feeling good cause Msia still have a beacon of hope. Because I know that as along as we have DAP and other parties alike that fights for us, Msia still has a chance. Kit Siang still has the fire in his heart, but can sense physically he is quite tired. I did told Guan Eng, I could see that his Dad looks very tired. But guess the fight for justice is never ending.

For me, I'm thankful as we sat there united as 1 . My family and 2 of my aunts . All of us only have one thing in our minds. To see Msia a better place for our next generations to come. Because we are born and breed in this land. And this is our country.

Guan Eng gave me the text to his speech.

Aft that night, we parted ways, shook Chong Eng's hand and I told her that when the next GE comes, she can be sure that I'll be back to cast my votes because I'm a Malaysian. And as for Guan Eng, I could see him whisked away driving his car with Kit Siang by his side, heading for another battle which awaits them.....

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another title in the bag, The Swiss Open. The boys has done it again! Do I smell the revival of Msian doubles again in the international circuit?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Election Fever

Election fever. Is it in the air? The answer is Yes. Everyone is talking about it. This will be the acid test for Pak Lah after a thumping victory in the last GE.

As for me, this will be my 3rd time time to get to vote. Do I vote? Yes I do. Even when I'm not in Msia, I'll rush back just to cast my vote and off I go again. Why? Because every vote counts. So if you're staying in Msia, and you just paying lip service about blah blah blah......and you choose not to exercise your rights during the most crucial juncture, shame on you!

Cast your votes wisely. Think of it as, who will you honour your trust to, to safeguard all your fortune if you need to do so? Only someone who is honourable and clean of course.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Chemical Romance

I have always emersed myself with music. Pop, rock, aternative, rap, country...etc. You named it and I like it. I try to follow the latest happenings in the music scene too. Recently I got hold of myself My Chemical Romance album - The Black Parade. Needless to say I fell in love with it, but it has tinges of something you can find from Green Day. I soon found out the same producer that produced MCR's album has also produced coupled of Green Day's albums.

2 singles has been released so far from their album. My bet is that the next release is The Sharpest Lives and Disenchented. I hope I am spot on in my prediction. I get a kick out of it knowing if I'm right.

Btw, I missed Muse concert this year both in Spore and KL. And it has been ages since I been to a good concert. The last one was last yr when I went for Franz Ferdinand, Oasis and Slipknot. Please bring some fine acts to either KL or Spore...please.Anyone...............

The Messengers

I promised that I'll be reviewing The Messengers after I've watched it. Slightly 2hrs has just passed after the movie and it's as good as gone from my memory. Another cheap flick movie that uses shock tactics to make u jump out of your seats.

The movie borrows heavily from other horror movies such as Amityville Horror, Hide and Seek...etc. It always starts off with some family moving into some creepy farm houses. The spirits that lurks in the dark corners gives out weird bone creaking sounds that sounds like Toshio and his mother from Ju Onn getting a ticket to North Dakota to scare the pants out of the residents there.

Cut it short....its a disaster..................pang!! Ouch my heart breaks into pieces.........cause I spent $20 for 2 tickets for this movie.
And I swore one of the brother's name is Oxide. Not sure if thats the one on the left or on the right. Not that it matters anyway.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Otak Longkang

In his Iran trip, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong cited that 0.5% lost in talent will be bad for Spore. Does Msia govt knows what percentage is detrimental to the economy of Msia? Does Jabatan Perangkaan carried out any census before?

Brain drain is a fact and a curse in Msia. Countless number of talents have flocked out of the country.Green harvesting as pointed by SM Goh, refers to companies that goes on a recruitment drive tapping on any talents that they can find that will form the engine of growth of their companies.

Goodbye to the talents in Msia.................your talents will be missed dearly......
Maybe good talents in Msia are not appreciated, just like tubbies.....hahahaha

Otak Longkang - Brain Drain (direct bahasa malaysia to english translation)

The NEW All England Doubles Champion

Yesh!!!! Macam ni la!!Apologies for being overzealous. That was my reaction when I was watching the semi finals of the All England match when our Msian pair beat the guts out of the Danish pair, Jens Eriksen-Martin Lundgaard Hansen.

Dominic supposed to buy KFC for our congregation at my home for the Finals. Sad to say he was an hour late and our KFC has been reduced to McDonalds. the very brand that made famous the movie Super Size Me. Not to say my girlfriend is complaining hunger is getting the best of her and Chien Jin and his wife Esther are also hungry. You owe us big time man, Dominic. Again!!

Back to the game, we enjoyed it. Boon Heong was superb in his net kills and so were his accurate smashes. Kien Keat equally was powerful as well with his baseline smashes and rock solid defence. Both of them complimented each other so well.Never have I seen Msia producing a pair like this. Forget bout Razif-Jalani, forget bout Soon Kit-Kim Hock/Beng Kiang or any other pairs that came after that. The era is now for Kien Kiat-Boon Heong, Both still under 22yrs of age, they have erased the record held by the Sidek brothers that last won the title in 1982.

Oh thats Rexy, the coach.....running to the courts. He's a happy camper. Remember folks, inaugural Super Series this year is still under way. And I'll definately be down there in Spore stadium to cheer them on for this year's Spore Open. Hopefully they are coming. Yesh!!

Altantuya Shariibuu

The poor girl that was brutally murdered with her body being blown up by C4. I'll save you all the agony of repeating the facts again as this is a AAA sensational story of the year in Msia. But for all the wrong reasons though. I hope when the saga closes, some well known directors will film this movie and do justice to the victim and the family.

To those who wants to know more about Altantuya Shariibuu, go to Susan Loone's blog "may the truth save us all".
There is a 4 min video clip of her courtesy of her father, Mr. Stev Shariibuu.

May the perpetrators be brought to justice.

300 - Tonight we die in hell!!

Have you watched 300? Its brutal and thats the only way you can glorify the male aura in every male out there. Gerald Butler is a leader that people will die for! I didnt take much notice of him in Tomb Raider II. He was like some smoocher machine kissing Lara Croft.Forget bout the incorrectness in the historical facts bout the movie. Gimme a break. Superman and ET are not real too. This is a Hollywood production. What do you expect? National Geographic or Discovery Channel kind of documentary?
After the movie, I was inspired to a point where I dug the rubbish bins in Orchard Cineleasure. Why am I ravaging my way thru the trash cans? Simple. There is a contest in Cineleasure. If you spend $20, you get some freebies. If you spend $40, you get a pair of free movie passes to Freedom Writers and a notebook. What the heck!!! Why not. I just saw 300 Spartans died in battle against the might of hundreds of thousands of Persians. Whats that compared to going thru the thrash cans there. To cut it short, I got the freebies from the $20, and also from the $40 freebies. All in a day's work. My girlfriend and me went on separate trips to exchange the gifts. Just to throw them offguard.
Still best movie for me for 2007 so far. Tonight I am watching The Messengers. I will let you know whether it lives up to its name. Directed by Pang Brothers. The guys that scared the shit out of me in The Eye.

Why this name?

This will be my virgin posting as you can call it. Why the name Lien Pang Ren. In fact I shouldnt be claiming credit for this name. Its my lawyer colleague who is calling his Msian colleagues like me Lien Pang Ren. I believe Lien Pang Ren is a Mandarin term coined to refer to the days during Federation days.
Some Msians may take offence with this labelling. But hey, I'm gonna use it for the title for my blog. Thanks to my other colleague for suggesting it.....hehehehe.
Why blogging? Hey I'm just jumping on the bandwagon........