Friday, February 29, 2008

Najib not coherent in his talk

Najib: Coconut trees the limit for PAS
Feb 28, 08 7:09pm
Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today launched a verbal salvo against opposition party PAS.
According to him, the Islamic-based party, which uses the moon as its symbol, only looks good from the outside.
"They are looking at the moon but highest they can go is up to the top of coconut trees. We, on the other hand, have gone to outer space.
"We will suffer if PAS comes out as our leader," he was quoted as saying by Bernama at a function in Kedah.

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Comments: Najib so you say someone from Msia has gone to outer space? So what? Big deal? The spacecraft is not even Msian made. You guys just tumpang or hitching a ride. Thats all there is. Plus, what benefits did the rakyat get by going to space? Again I will choose PAS anytime of the day, because when I am thirsty, PAS can go up some coconut trees and fetch me some juicy coconuts to quench my thirst. On the other hand, BN can bring me nothing from space that can satisfy my thirst and hunger.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Koh is the ignorant one

ELECTION 2008: Koh: DAP ignorant about state of Penang economy

GEORGE TOWN: A visibly irritated Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon yesterday branded those who go around claiming that Penang had lost its dynamism and competitiveness as ignorant and irresponsible.

The outgoing chief minister said the state government had all the facts and figures to prove that the island was still a vibrant economy."If you go to the industrial area you will see that the factories are still there and they are functioning," said Dr Koh."Yet, some people are saying they (the factories) are pulling out. What kind of a story is this. It is ignorant and irresponsible." Dr Koh singled out DAP's Ooi Chuan Aun, who is contesting the Jelutong parliamentary seat, for spreading these rumours during his campaign rounds.

"I want to ask those who criticise us if they have visited any factories."I have visited a lot of factories, promoted them and worked with them closely. My first question to him (Ooi) is how many factories has he visited. I can name all these factories which I am sure he is not even aware of," he said, adding there were more than 200 multinational corporations in the state.Dr Koh said this after presenting a progress report on Penang from 2004 to 2008.

A booklet detailing all the state government's successes over the past four years would be distributed here.Among achievements highlighted in the booklet are how Penang is ranked one of the top 10 most liveable cities in Asia; honoured as the first state to roll-out a MSC Cyber City outside the Multimedia Super Corridor; and identified as the hub for the Northern Corridor Economic Region. Dr Koh said besides being the state with the lowest hardcore poverty rate in the country, Penang has also attracted the highest amount of investment in its history

Comments: Dr Koh, stop your lies. Come and tell us if Inventec moving out of Penang is not true? Or maybe Tsu Koon is having a memory lapse on outgoing Komag CEO TH Tan saying investPenang, an outfit to promote investment and industrial development in Penang failed to do a good job. He alleged that many MNCs (multinationals) are reluctant to invest more in Penang due to the difficulty of finding good SMIs (small and medium-side industries) to outsource some parts of their production. And if I remember, emails from him drew a blank from Tsu Koon

I dont give a damn how many companies he had visited. I want to know how many companies has Tsu Koon managed to convince to place their investment in Penang. If he visited alot of factories, and not even securing a handsome number of deals, then he is nothing but a loser. And does he dare say that in FDI ranking, Penang is #1 or #2 in Malaysia? I dare him to make this revelation and state how is Penang faring against other states in Malaysia, let alone the world.

He wants to expand seaport and airport. Please-lah. Only now you start to tackle the Penang transportation bus issue. That also aft how many years since you took over from Chong Eu. Dont come and tell me about expanding the airport. 10 years ago, when I was in Penang, the airport looks the same to me 10 years after that. The flooring and the chair looks pretty same to me. Even Sultan Ismail airport in Johor is so much better than Penang airport with its cosy chairs and nice carpeting. And dont forget Tsu Koon, even MAS has cut their London-Penang-KLIA route leaving Penang out in the cold. Even MAS is opting out of Penang. Make the airport bigger? Another white elephant in the making or to hoodwink the voters?

Tsu Koon dont even have the guts to choose the next Penang CM. When Tsu Koon took over the helm, it was among Gerakan consensus, he was the best man for the job. Fast forward 26 years later, he has no guts to even make a decision such as this falling prey and succumbing to UMNO political hegemony.

So Tsu Koon, you're a disgrace to the people of Penang. I hope you stop lying to the good people of Penang.


Yen Yen: MCA way ahead on matchmaking
RAUB: Wanita MCA started the Cupid Club for matchmaking women since 2000 so PAS’ proposal to do the same is nothing new, said Wanita MCA chief Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen.
She said Barisan Nasional had done all the things promised by PAS in its manifesto for the state.

“We’ve had women as village heads for a long time under the Barisan Nasional government.
“As for matchmaking, the MCA’s Cupid Club has been working on this since 2000.
“PAS’ proposals are nothing fantastic,” said Dr Ng who is defending the Raub parliament seat for the third time.

Last week PAS launched its manifesto for Kelantan which among others, promised matchmaking services for women, 90 days of maternity leave and the appointment of women as village heads.
Dr Ng, who is a Kelantanese, said the proposal to increase the number of days for maternity leave was something the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry had been fighting for.

She said it was surprising for the Islamist party to use women issues in its manifesto.

“We don’t need an election to put all those things in place. We’ve been doing it all along,” Dr Ng said after visiting several villages.

Comments: Ng Yen Yen, is this what she is proud of MCA achievements? Matchmaking? After 50 years, MCA top highlights is matchmaking. I suggest maybe Mei Fun from PJ Utara be the 1st user of MCA matchmaking services. MCA, dont make a mockery of people's intelligence. People is not voting for your matchmaking services. And its not like your matchmaking services is free and 100% on the spot of finding your other half if you know what I mean.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why vote in 08-Mar?

It has been a while since I blogged. But today I decided to blog again due to a personal request. You know who you are :) A request to have me say my views on Msia coming General Election slated for 08-Mar.

If you ask me if I am a member of any political parties, my answer is No. But since young, my parents has taught me how to be an upright person and to hold steadfast the finer values in life. For that, I have been guided by their teaching and try to be a better person each day.

Come 08-Mar, I will make my way down back to vote in Bkt Mertajam from Spore. People has asked me why waste my time and money going back to vote. I might as well shake legs here on weekend and smell the air here. The answer is simple. I am a Malaysian. And this is my country. When duty calls, I will go back and cast my vote to the party I believe that holds the key to bring Malaysia back into the forefront again.

Sadly Malaysia today is saddled with problems such as sub standard education level be it from primary all the way to tertiary level. Just look at the university ranking and you will know. Look at Spore police new adverts on billboards. Low Crime Doesnt Mean No Crime. In Malaysia, Malaysian crime index has risen by a record 45 per cent between 2003 and 2007 with violent crimes increasing by 119 percent.

As a Malaysian, do you welcome remarks from BN leaders such as below?

“Universiti ini tempat Melayu.” (Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, Umno AGM, 2004, in referring to UiTM)

“I will never allow non-bumiputeras to enter UiTM. I will ensure that the percentage of Malay students given places at public universities will always be higher than the percentage under the previous quota.” (former higher education minister Shafie Salleh, Umno AGM, 2004)

“Malaysia ini Negara Islam, you tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia.” (Badruddin Amiruddin, MP Jerai)

I can name more racist remarks but I think it will just go on and on.

How about the famous VK Lingam scandal about judiciary fixing. Or how about mega bailouts of Port Klang Free Zone. Or how about the AG Report released last year that shows blatant corruption in many government agencies in procurement.

The list goes on forever. Barisan Nasional today is not the same as Parti Perikatan than won independence for our country in 1957. They have overstayed, and its time for us to make a change. I have faith in Malaysia progressing because we have what it takes.

Yes, other countries have overtaken us. But we can still win the race. For that we need a change. With this faith guiding me, I will come back and cast my vote. A vote for a better Malaysia.
To those fence sitters, please vote wisely. If you know things are rotten to the core, why still vote for the bad apple? Imagine watching a movie, and the scenes are played out about how corrupt and mismanaged things are. Will you still stand on the side of darkness or choose to make things right again? The choice lies in your hands.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Char Keow Teow

After my badminton game last night, I had my dinner at this hawker centre just beside MacPherson Community Club Centre.

A very nice aroma suddenly caught my attention. Confirm its my favourite food, char keow teow. Smells good, looks good and it even has a Makansutra certificate pasted right there on the right hand corner of the glass panel.

I believe thats enough for me to order a $3 meal vs the $2 meal. When the meal arrived, there is a very vast difference between both price meals. My friend even commented to the lady on this.

Now the best part. The quality of the food. This char keow teow, I do admit is somewhere between a Spore version and Penang version. But the taste is very bland. And frankly its one of the worst keow teow I ever tasted before. So that goes to show, not everything recommended by the food critic guru is correct. Correct correct correct.............