Thursday, June 28, 2007

TV Series - Either you love it or hate it

My current favourite tv series, not in any particular order of preferences
Lost - the plot thickens
Heroes - who is this other mysterious guy that was referenced by the little girl?
Prison Break - Sona..........makes the previous cell house looks like Mickey Mouse clubhouse
CSI: Las Vegas - no one beats Grissom
Dexter - perverted in the name of justice
The Shield - corrupt cops with a heart

Series I used to watch when I was young
Stingray - Nick Mancuso is cool...........u owe me a favour
Knight Rider - KITT is cool........David not cool......
Airwolf - helicopter that can win the war in Iraq
The A Team - Mr T is a badass, and cigar kills.........
MacGyver - Richard Dean Anderson can fix anything.........
Quantum Leap - Scott Bakula & Dean Stockwell, one of them is a hologram
X Files - Fox Mulder is the epitome of sexy smart geek
Twilight Zone - please revive this horror series.....someone.....
Misfits of Science - Heroes and Mutant X version in the 80s...a very short lived series..

There are probably more that I loved.....but i'll be overkilling it if the list goes any longer...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BN in World Economic Forum

Seeing Carlos Ghosn spoke in World Economic Forum (WEF) is indeed a sight to behold. The man with the midas touch in the automotive industry. Currently I am reading his book Shift, just to gather more insight on this brilliant man.

However not much I can say bout seeing Dato Idris Jusoh, Chief Minister Terengganu in WEF. Just saw him on TV3 news. What is he doing there anywhere? TV3 says to join one of the bengkel. This is so dumb. Here we have BN, champion of NEP which the policy smacks the utmost dirtiest unfair policies ever seen in the world today. While we are talking about globalization, here we have a policy tht is grossly unfair. So what does BN has to say in WEF? Welcome to invest in Msia, but we do have bumiputera quota policies you need to abide too.

I suggest BN take this policy and run the country quietly. Your presence in a world forum is a disgrace to people that believes in a level playing field.

Chris Benoit - The passing of a legend

This is a sad day indeed. I have stopped blogging for some time now. But didnt expect thatI would be starting my blog again with the news of Chris Benoit's death. Not only that but police so far has billed this as a murder suicide case.

Who is Chris Benoit? If the word intensity comes into mind, you can bet Chris is the one that holds justice to that word.

Chris is an exemplary wrestler. His vicious chops weakens his opponents. His Crippler Crossface will make you tap. His flying headbutt will struck your chest with precision. He is the Rabid Wolverine. He is also one of the members of the Four Horseman back in WCW.

I grew up watching him wrestle. He is one of the most dedicated intense wrestler. He is second to none. No words can describe how loss I feel with his departure.

We will miss you Chris......