Thursday, July 19, 2007

MAS.......the airline I wouldnt choose

Frankly I am not too suprised of the many complaints MAS has been receiving of late. I was also made to go through MAS incompetency. And I have made it a point, everytime someone mentions about MAS, I'm for sure will relay what happened to me several years back. My friend and me booked this promotional ticket for our Chinese New Year holidays. To my horror MAS did not give me the other half of the ticket for my trip. I was so furious. So I called MAS up. I asked them if they can mail me the ticket. They said No. So I said fine. Instead can I pick up the ticket at the local office here in Singapore? Again No as this offer is only open for Malaysians only. Huh? Whats that gotta do with me picking it up here in Singapore for the mistake MAS made? So I said fine, i'll go down to your office in JB to pick the ticket. I specifically told them, to assign an officer to hand me the ticket when I'm there. I dont want to queqe or waste my time waiting. Someone there must know whats happening when I'm there on Sat.

So when I reached there, again to my horror none of the staffs there knew why I was there for! Can you imagine how mad I was? Here I am on a Sat morning in JB, paying the price of the mistake made by MAS and they cant provide me the missing ticket. They asked me to come back following week. What the F***!!! I asked to meet their supervisor. None is available since its a Sat. I told them I am not going to budge, until they give me my ticket. In the end after searching high and low, they found my ticket placed at the tray behind the counter seats.

I called up MAS to complaint the following week, no apologies or follow up was ever made. I made several more follow ups until I gave up.This shows how sub standard MAS customer service is. Not only that, it lacks credibility and confidence. Trust me. When it comes to MAS, I dont have any good things to say about it. Not now or for a long time to come.

MAS rules out sabotage

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines has dismissed suggestions that staff sabotage was behind cases of its passengers being stranded at various airports it served.
Its managing director Datuk Idris Jala said the problems were caused by mechanical malfunctions and teething problems afflicting its new passenger services system.
“There is a lot of speculation on reasons that led to the flight delays. We can categorically say that in our findings, there is no evidence of sabotage by any of our staff,” he told a press conference here yesterday.
Reports have said that hundreds of passengers were stranded at airports in Kota Kina-balu, Dubai, Melbourne, London, Osaka, Japan, Nagoya and Kuala Lumpur earlier this month.
Passengers were often told that their flights had been overbooked.
There have also been reports of flights being delayed.
The problems come at a time when many of the 19,500 MAS employees are unhappy with the company and claimed that they have been unfairly assessed by appraisers under a move towards a performance-based remuneration structure.
Idris said 80% of the delays were airline-related while the remainder was caused by weather conditions, air traffic control and airport-related matters.
As for the airline-related delays, 56% were deemed to be caused by snowballing effect of the 10% engineering and mechanical problems while 8% was attributed to the passenger services system.
The rest was a result of delay in re-fuelling or handling.
”We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused as to us, safety is paramount,” Idris said.
On the performance-based remuneration system, Idris said most employees wanted the system.
Nevertheless, he said that a task force had been set upto resolve any dissatisfaction.

Bangkok Galore

Bangkok as usual doesnt fall short of expectation. With Bangkok on high alert when I was there, told myself must avoid Khao San and Sanam Luang. Khao San since its filled with foreigners and the best place for terrorist to nuke it. Or Sanam Luang since they are holding protest every night. But ended up near Sanam Luang anyway since the National Museum is there.

The only place worth talking about on my visit here is the Siriraj Medical Museum. Not many foreigners know of this place. Even if they know, think no one will be in their most wicked mind would want to go to a place so morbid. But its something which I find it hard to refuse. Its a must go for me. Its now or never. As you can see, i only took some pics of some skulls. There were hundreds of exhibits of deformed babies, dead bodies in tubes and jars. Beside it lay there were some toys and sweets. Think its better I respect the dead and refrain from taking any pictures. I dont want to be made into a movie one day, based on a true story if you know what I mean.

The exhibits are simply awesome as its raw. Located in 2 separate buildings, with one being just above the mortuary.I could see dead bodies in body bags. Saw some policewoman there too taking down notes. Asked me how I knew of the place. I simply said Internet. Then met a nurse who guided us there too. She too asked me how I knew of it. Internet. Spoke to the ticket counter person. Told her the same thing. Internet. Based on the gore level, its an exhibit not to be missed. Its a side of the world where you dont see too often.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Die Hard 4.0

Whats your plan? Free Lucy and kill everyone else, says McClane. Detective John McClane now, Bruce Willis I must say is again at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

But this guy dont stay down, try get shot at by a helicopter, a dozen of guys with heavy artilery with one guy in particular which McClane says moves like a hamster, a Harrier jet spewing missiles and machine gun, a babe that kicks serious ass and last but not least a baddie that is not only a hacker but a one mean sick smart bastard.

Pure action and adrenaline pumping, Die Hard 4.0 has McClane get some nasty bumps and serious ass kicking. If every law enforcement officers goes to the limit like him, may peace prevails.

And its scary isnt it, what the digital age can do if manipulated for evil. Keep your ham radio, and long live analog.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dasar Ekonomi Baru.......baru atau lapuk?

Bincang mengenai DEB secara terbuka? Sebelum sebarang perbincangan dapat diadakan, kita kena tanya kerajaan terlebih dahulu, apakah mereka berani menyahut cabaran ini? DEB sebagaimana Tun Dr Ismail gambarkan dalam bukunya The Reluctant Politician, seumpama "handicap" dalam permainan golf. Ia merupakan satu polisi yang tidak sepatutnya dilanjutkan selama lamanya.Pucuk pemerintahan sedar polisi seperti ini mengurangkan daya saing sesebuah negara. Jika tidak, mengapa kerajaan membenarkan sebuah polisi berasingan yang berlandaskan meritokrasi di IDR? Kerajaaan sedar kemampanan dan kemampuan sesebuah negara bersaing di mata dunia dalam era ini tidak mungkin tercapai melalui "protectionism" tetapi melalui persaingan sihat seperti "joint venture", "takeover", "merger" dan lain lain lagi. Istilah istilah inilah yang menjadi mangkin pertumbuhan jentera ekonomi sesebuah negara masa kini

Sebelum kita berbincang tentang DEB, tanya diri sendiri, adakah kerajaan Malaysia benar benar ikhlas dan nekad hati berbincang tentang kejayaan dan kegagalan DEB selama ini? Saya pasti, anda semua sudah tahu jawapannya.

05/07: Bincang DEB secara terbuka – Keng Yaik
[print] Category: General
Posted by: Raja Petra
Utusan MalaysiaPenasihat Gerakan, Datuk Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik menggesa kerajaan supaya membenarkan isu sensitif termasuk Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB) yang didakwa meminggirkan kelompok tertentu dalam masyarakat, dibincangkan secara terbuka oleh orang ramai.Beliau berkata, ia wajar dilakukan kerana rakyat sudah matang untuk membincangkan isu-isu kontroversi berkaitan agama, budaya dan politik memandangkan negara sudah 50 tahun mencapai kemerdekaan.‘‘Ia seperti lelaki berusia 50 tahun yang dianggap berada di pertengahan umur dan matang serta boleh membincangkan isu ini secara rasional dan bertanggungjawab,” katanya.Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap merasmikan forum awam bertajuk Cabaran Perpaduan Nasional yang disampaikan oleh Presiden Pergerakan Keadilan Sedunia (Just), Dr. Chandra Muzaffar di sini malam ini.Menurut Keng Yaik, perbincangan terbuka itu perlu melibatkan isu lain yang dianggap boleh menjejaskan perpaduan dan keselamatan negara seperti ketidakseimbangan dalam pasaran kerja, penswastaan syarikat dan pendidikan.

Double Standard

What I see here is a gross double standard by BN MPs trying to gain political mileage. I dont see them this vocal when DAP MPs pictured were doctored recently. Walk the talk. BN MPs to me are just like budak budak sekolah making noise in the Parliment. I suggest they use their time to debate on more fruitful policies that will benefit the people. This is clearly a waste of time and taxpayer's money.

Backbenchers furious over doctored pic of Najib
KUALA LUMPUR: Despicable and shameful.
These and other words were used by angry Government backbenchers over a picture that purportedly showed Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak with murdered Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu.
The doctored photograph, posted on the Parti Keadilan Rakyat website on Monday, showed the Deputy Prime Minister being flanked by a woman who looked like Altantuya and political analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda, who is charged with abetting in the murder of the woman.
The superimposed photograph is purported to refer to the testimony of prosecution witness Burmaa Oyunchimeg, 26, who told the murder trial that she had seen a photograph of Altantuya dining with Abdul Razak and a Malaysian official known by the name of “Najib Razak”.
However, the photograph referred to was not shown in court.
Najib had, in the past, repeatedly denied his involvement in Altantuya’s murder.
Barisan Nasional MPs, when met at the Parliament lobby, said the antics of the PKR leader who posted the picture was despicable and shameful.
Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN – Kinabatangan) said the PKR leader had gone overboard, adding: “The Opposition cannot simply spread lies to discredit national leaders. This is a criminal act.”
Datuk Hasan Malek (BN – Kuala Pilah) said such impudence showed that the Opposition was now under pressure to the extent they were willing to bring shame upon themselves and their supporters.
“They should not have resorted to cheap politics. The people are aware that the information and photograph published are false,” he said.
Datuk Mohamad Aziz (BN – Sri Gading) said legal action should be taken against the PKR leader concerned for slandering a national leader. – Bernama

Monday, July 2, 2007

Haven for the triad gangs?

In recent weeks, JB has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Prompting even the PM and DPM to take some measures to control the situation. Adding the number of policeman. Adding patrol cars and setting up more police booths. But is this enough? One might wonder.

How to find a scapegoat to blame the crimes for. Bogeyman #1. Singapore. Lets bring Singapore into the picture, so some people say. Singapore triad gangs are in JB. But it doesnt stop there. Lets bring in Taiwan and Indonesia too. Now we have all of them in Msia. Perpetrating crimes at the highest level in JB. If criminals know how to co operate, what are our crimebusters doing?

And the fact is that it doesnt help at all if we have the Deputy Internal Secuity Minister being investigated for graft charges and the Inspector Chief Police (IGP) being accused of having links with the triads in one of the more popular website, Malaysia Today.

So to those who are still supporters of BN. Are you guys deaf and blind? Why are you ignorant to the point that your votes still go to BN. Cant you see how they are mishandling the country. You scared country "luan"? You scared others dont know how to manage the country? Trust me. Things are already worst as it is now.

To those who say BN is your numero uno, stop blabbering and complaining about the high crime rates in Malaysia. You get what you deserved. You voted for this low grade fruit, eat the harvest you reap.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye

I am compelled to say something about Transformers. This live action movie is the King Kong of all sci fi movies. Michael Bay has pulled it off. No doubt, this movie will be etched in everyone's mind. Basically I grew up watching Transformers. Optimus Prime, the righteous and coolest leader of the Autobots, coming right onto the big screen just gave me the goosebumps.

Dont mean to sound sentimental, but was abit sad seeing Megatron tore Jazz apart. With Starscrem screetching off into space, you can be sure he will bring reinforcement with him to take the battle to a next level. But the mighty Autobots will be waiting.

Seeing Optimus with his men, really reminds me of all the goodness in this world against the Decepticons. Decepticons are like the cancer in the world today. Especially in Malaysia. Dont mean to politicize this movie, the truth speaks for itself. If you are with the Autobots, then why some of you are still with the Decepticons in "real life"? Got it?
Until then, Autobots, transform and move out!!