Wednesday, August 5, 2009


On weekend, we headed down to Holiday Inn Parkview to have Indian food. Since I am such a miser and will not pay for the full price for a buffett meal, so I jumped onto the chance when I got myself a 1-1 voucher for Tandoor that serves North Indian cuisines.

Per head is $38, nett price should come to about $42++ after the 10% service charges and 7% GST.

The Garlic naan was simply delicious. I cant remember when was the last time that I ate a plain naan just by itself. The naan was not too powdery nor tough nor dry. It was made with perfection with slightly burned crisps.

Next was the yoghurt mango drink. I just couldn’t have enough of it. Its so thick and rich that I actually lost counts on how many cups I drank that day. The highlight for me in this restaurant is Murgh Malai Tikka (Chicken). This is simply one of the best tikka I ever tasted. The meat was tender and juicy. Its soft and the spices imbued in the meat just runs through your senses. Apart from the tikka, other dishes such as Fish Goa Curry, Chicken Kali Mirch and other many dishes offered are really nice.

Although I find the appetizer too exotic for my liking but Kim loves it. As you can see picture above, you just scoop the liquid and pour into the ball. The desserts are also too sweet for my liking. But I think that day, Kim had surpassed me in terms of taking a liking for Indian food. Suprisingly she now can enjoy more Indian delicacies than me. Damn!! LOL!

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