Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It was movie weekend for me. Watched couple of movies which I missed watching. Caught Meet Dave starring Eddie Murphy, Yes Man starring Jim Carrey and Transporter 3 starring Jason Statham on dvd. I might as well say it that Meet Dave certainly surprised me. Given the fact we watched this at midnight and we thought the boring elements of this movie will doozed us off. Suprisingly Eddie's antics was comical and zany enough to serve as a triple shot of latte that kept us awake.And it helps that this movie was not draggy given the fact it just clocks in at about 90 min. Anything more than that would have destroyed the movie. As for Yes Man, I had stopped expecting anything out of a Jim Carrey movie. Although the concept of saying Yes seems quite enthralling and appealing, I would decline to say Yes if you were to ask me if this movie was good. Well if you have nothing to do on a long weekend, I guess no harm watching modern day Jerry Lewis packing a punch. Modern Chuck Norris, Jason Statham I must say have one hell of a nice ton sculptured body. He can give those Spartans in 300 a run for their money. See it to believe it.

On telly they showed Flyboys. I missed watching this and it was certainly a delight seeing dog fights between the French pitting against more superior firepower and machinery prowess of the Germans.

Highlight of my movie on last weekend was certainly Up. Pixar has done it again. John Lasetter and the crew are like pedigree horses. You wouldn’t want to bet against a good horse. And so if you're the jockey that invested millions in Pixar, you will know they run the race good and they are in it for the gold. So what can I say about this movie. Everything from the musical score, up the closing credits was priceless. Another coup for Pixar and how they turn a simple story about spending one's golden years and how life can be injected through friendship between an old man, an Asian boy and a talking dog.Bring your hankies as this certainly a tear jerker. Not that its tragically sad, but Pixar injects the basic tenets of humans emotions in every movies they produced.

Imagine, Pixar was never intended to be producing animation movies in the first place. That speaks of volume of Pixar's edge in givng the rest of the wannabes like Sony Studio Animations, Nickeledeon, and the other big boys there a run for the money for animation.


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