Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Life. I must attest to the fact that sometimes I take for granted simple things in life. The fact I am still breathing and writing this post is a blessing. Me and Kim like to patronize this stall for breakfast when we were still staying in Potong Pasir. Our pick always was Tosai Masala. We like the gravy, the spices and most importantly the tosai itself which comes with rich serving of potatoes inside.

So when it was time to move out of Potong Pasir, I must admit that I kinda miss some of the food there.

When we went back for breakfast on Sat to our old joint for breakfast, we were surprised to be greeted with picture of the seller with a chain of flowers on it. I instantly knew that the nice friendly seller has met his Maker. Kim was less oblivious to this fact since she knows little of Indian culture.

I chatted with the guy I presume his son now mending the stall. Seems like the uncle passed away while making dough. This happened like 1yr and 3 months ago. Just like 5 months after we moved out of Potong Pasir. Its kinda sad to hear this story. Although its not like we were really closed, but somehow knowing that you wont be tasting his food again is kinda sad. Plus we tasted the tosai masala. And it seems like the ooomph factor is gone.

And I still remember they certainly serve nice value for money breakfast. If you take their breakfast of rice and chicken wing, you can be sure you can skip lunch. For $2, you can be sure you had settled breakfast and lunch altogether.

To mix food and talking about life might seems surreal to some of you, but maybe its something easier for me to relate about life and food. For him, he lost his life while preparing food. But I told Kim for what its worth, I think he might have a good life, having his own stall, having his family by his side, working with him. I wish to believe that he had live a good life before his passing.

That’s his story of masala and life………


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